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You’ve Got a Call (book review)

You’ve Got a Call (book review)
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By: Winston Wilson (Everyday Publications, 2019)

Winston Wilson’s You’ve Got a Call is a well written, soul-stirring book comprising  365 devotions gleaned from the pages of I John (A Call to Come) and the book of Jonah (A Call to Go).  

The books of Jonah and I John serve as compelling partners for such a study/devotional. John’s epistle invites us to draw near in intimacy with the Lord, whereas Jonah, is called by the Lord to go, and it is only through the chastening (yet loving) hand of God, that the reluctant prophet eventually surrenders to His will and obeys.

One of the great things about You’ve Got a Call is the fact that the book can be used both as a daily devotional and as a study guide for these two important books of the Bible. In addition, because a multitude of pertinent topics are highlighted in the table of contents, a personal study on issues and subjects relevant to the reader can also be addressed. Some of these practical topics include: 

  • Prayer (at least 10 devotionals)
  • The Character of God (more than two dozen) 
  • Being Mean-Spirited
  • The Value of True Love
  • The Effects of Bad News
  • The Power of Contrition 

In this regard, then, the reader does not have to be a slave to the calendar, but can search out specific issues close to his/her heart, and through the thoughtful insights of the author, be drawn closer to the Savior in a wonderful way.

You’ve Got a Call is a book I heartily recommend – and not just for those who are accustomed to using such a devotional on a daily basis. This insightful book can serve as a helpful resource in coming to a deeper understanding of our Creator and help in discerning how we might better serve Him as we read through the marvelous little books of Jonah and I John.

Nathanael Reed

Nathanael Reed is a retired elementary school teacher/principal. He also spent ten years on the faculty of Trent University’s School of Education in Peterborough, Ontario. He is married with four grown children and nine grandchildren. He has had several books published including “God of the Trees” (Everyday Publications). Currently he and his wife Joyce live in St. Thomas, Ontario and are in fellowship at Southdale Bible Chapel in London.

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