Why the Assemblies are Growing Part 1

We sometimes hear comments that assemblyHUB is too critical and negative of the assemblies. That we are out to bash them. That of course is not our intent. We love the assemblies but more importantly, we love the church of God.

We are not tied to a system of practice but to a Savior who gave His life for us. We do not follow the way of men but we seek to understand and live by the teachings and principles of the Word of God. Sometimes this clashes with the traditional view of the assemblies. We want to be biblical not “Brethren”.

The moving of the Spirit

Having said that, we are excited that there is a work of God happening in the assemblies. The church I am in fellowship at has more than doubled in size in 15 years. This is happening all over North America.

The Holy Spirit is on the move and we want to get in on the action just like the early apostles did in Acts.

Here are ways we see the Lord at work.

1. Change is growth

It’s encouraging to see assemblies making healthy, relevant changes that foster spiritual growth. These changes are often in the form of loosening the grip on issues that limited the freedom of the believers.

Some changes are made to encourage more prayer, Bible study and fellowship. Some are being made so that younger generations can be more impacted and given meaningful purpose within the body.

Sadly it has been our observation (not in every case) that assemblies that refuse to change are shrinking instead of growing.

2. Rediscovering the power of the Spirit

The Holy Spirit has often been the forgotten member of the trinity. Relegated to a corner and spoken of only when absolutely necessary. What has been a definite move recently (by the Holy Spirit Himself) has been the increased focus of His work and power within the local church.

This has resulted in an effort to give Him the rightful place in our lives and in the church. We definitely need His leading and churches that commit to listening and following Him, instead of men and traditions are seeing a great work happening. May this be true of each church in North America.

3. A call to Evangelism

It is amazing to me that a group such as the assemblies, that has been built on the foundation of the gospel, is seeing such little fruit in terms of salvation. That is slowly changing and we praise the Lord for that.

Assemblies are starting again to take up the great commission and go out into the world to preach. These assemblies are no longer content to stay within the four walls of their church building but are recognizing the need to go where the people are.

This is coming in the form of building relationships and simply sharing Christ rather than preaching at complete strangers. The average person in North America has been jaded by religion.  Going back to the model Christ established is key to this transformation.

4. Helping the poor

As part of the great commission there is the knowledge that Jesus was the greatest lover of souls. His compassion was on full display as he walked this earth. The emphasis on looking after those less fortunate is apparent in the lives of the apostles as well. They were especially committed to helping the poor.

There is a new generation rising up that is also committed to reaching out to those in need. This is opening up doors to enable the church pour the love of Christ into others.

What better way to say “God loves you” than to love them in practical ways? This is going to be a key factor in the growth of the assemblies in coming years. Ignoring our duty to the poor is not going to be accepted by the younger generations not by the Lord either.

Are you in or out?

We will continue to add to this list in the weeks ahead. Do not be discouraged. The Lord is building His church. His work is abounding. The question for each believer and local church is whether or not we are going to join Him.

It’s far too easy to do our own work and think we are serving the Lord. Only His way makes sense. Are you in or are you out?

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