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Why Bother Going to Church?

Why Bother Going to Church?

Ever thought about why we go to Church? Perhaps to understand when we are to meet, we first need to know why we meet!

Thirsting for the Word

“Then those who gladly received his word…” These sinners, upon conviction, GLADLY received and believed the Word of God. How often do we gather to receive the Word of God? The trend today is to reduce the number of meetings to hear the Word of God. It appears to me that less gatherings fuel the desire to not come together. How hungry are we for the Word of God? They were really hungry for it!

Taking a stand

“they…were baptised…” They tell us that in many parts of the world you can say you believe in Jesus and most people won’t bother you. But as soon as you are baptised, your family disowns you, you could lose your job and you are rejected by society. Being baptised shows you were serious about believing in Jesus Christ and being with Him.

Continuing on

“And they continued steadfastly in… doctrine and fellowship, in the breaking of bread, and in prayers.”  These new, untaught believers consistently made it a point to get together. They persevered and were diligent about choosing to get together, ALL the time. How diligent are we about being with the Church? Do we go out of our way just because we love God’s people? They, without being taught it, obeyed Hebrews 10:24-“And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works:”

They were taught

They came to be taught doctrine and to learn what God says in His Word about all matters. Do you want to know what God says about all matters of life? They LOVED being taught God’s Word and couldn’t get enough of it!

They had fellowship

They came to fellowship together. Just to be with one another because the world hated them. Do you like getting together with other believers or do you prefer the presence of unbelievers? Maybe we need a little persecution to get us to WANT to be together in fellowship. Then we can learn to love one another and be encouraged!

I watch professing Christian parents who get their kids together more with their extended family and unbelievers than with their Christian brothers and sisters. You try to teach, exhort, pray, and encourage but there has to be a heart that is desirous to be with the believers in their local Church! When was the last time we encouraged someone by just being there because you wanted to be with the believers?

Breaking Bread

They came to “Break Bread”. What in the world is that? See 1 Corinthians 11:23-26. It is a command “THIS DO in remembrance of me” and He repeated it twice! It is always a good thing to heed the Lord’s words when He repeats things! The Lord Jesus told the Apostle Paul to DO IT and to teach others to DO IT, by delivering this message to the believers!

The prayed

They came together to pray! When was the last time we came together to pray with the believers? These folks were PERSECUTED for just being a believer in Jesus. They needed prayer to live life. They prayed for one another and their various needs, sicknesses, and problems.

They prayed for one another’s spiritual struggles. They prayed for their unbelieving family and friends and for boldness to witness to them. Acts 4:31- “And when they had prayed… they spoke the word of God with boldness”.

The presence of the Lord

We have a promise that EVERY time we come together, Jesus will be there with us! God will be here! Matthew 18:20 “For where 2 or 3 are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”  What a promise!! God really does want to be with us.

That has always been His great desire! Psalms 50:5 says “Gather my saints together unto me…” and Genesis 3:8 says “and the LORD God called unto Adam, and said unto him, Where are you?” Is God, in love, calling out to me when I miss a meeting, “Where are you?”


Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect any other author or an official position of the assemblyHUB team.

Calvin Fritchey

Calvin was saved at age 11 and his wife Becky at 9. They have been involved in Camp work, Gospel outreach, youth work, kids clubs, Bibles studies,  Sunday School work, Missions, and Bible teaching. They attend Bible Truth Chapel in Miami FL where Calvin is a Deacon.

3 Responses to Why Bother Going to Church?

  1. Avatar
    Jim Paul

    Excellent challenging article so good to have those very foundation truths brought before us.

  2. Barefoot Hippie Girl

    I agreed with everything, except not wholly with the comment, “I watch professing Christian parents who get their kids together more with their extended family and unbelievers than with their Christian brothers and sisters.”
    I think Christian gatherings should have a priority over getting together with unbelievers. And I also believe that the bond of Jesus Christ, and being part of this family is all important. But, it is still important to not burn bridges, but show the love of Christ to our extended families. And that happens by maintaining connections with them, and getting together with them. They are part of our mission field. Don’t diss the family connection. It is very important.
    I say this from growing up as the only Christian family in a huge extended family. There has been a great divide ever since my parents got saved. Some of it was on the extended families’ part, some of the separation was furthered by my parents. Now we are trying to rebuild relationships that should never necessarily been ruptured. This is in order to not appear as self-righteous snobs, but to be family which truly LOVES our family.
    Anyway…just a few thoughts.

  3. Avatar
    Calvin Fritchey

    Sorry for the late reply. My apologies if it appeared I was “dissing” the family connections. I am not. We are to reach out to our unbelieving family members. Our family members know that the Lord comes first. They quickly learned that WE COULD COME AND WOULD COME if they changed the time of the parties. They could start the party at 12:30 instead of 11:00 am on Sunday and we’d make it. If they want you there the changing of the time is NO ISSUE. Otherwise we would be late to their parties. We would suggest Saturday instead of Sunday parties. What I mean is some Christian families would schedule their party at 10-11am on Sunday and have to miss meetings to setup or plan. Conferences would be missed because even with Months in advance notice families would not plan a birthday party around the conference times.
    Thankfully we have never been called self-righteous snobs by any of our extended family nor unbelievers. As a matter of fact I have had many compliments for being faithful too the Lord in this area. My problem was overcoming my own misconceived
    thoughts about unbelievers and that they would call me a snob. I found they trust me more because I am faithful to the Lord. A little planning keeps you going to all the meetings, connecting with your families and friends, and providing opportunities for witness. We’ve been doing this 35+ years and setting the party time at other times other than the meeting times have been a great blessing with no rifts. So I asked again… What is keeping us from making all the meetings? Is it our kids, our families, unbelievers, parties, or is it just ourselves unwilling to be committed to being with the Lord and his people every time they meet?

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