Who is ready for the challenge?

* I wrote this about 2 years ago yet I feel the message is more relevant today than it was then.

Where my heart is right now is simple. It’s time for our generation (anywhere from mid-twenties to forties) to rediscover what it means to serve the Lord in a New Testament Patterned church. For us to take hold of truth, not that was handed to us but that burns fresh in our hearts.

The “assemblies” are changing and they need to change! Many times our generation hasn’t taken (or been allowed to take) the leading of the Spirit in a whole new fresh way. We are still following the vision of men and women, most of whom are dead and gone.

Now when David had served God’s purpose in his own generation… Acts 13:36

Please understand I am NOT saying what they had or did was wrong, bad or not worthy of the highest praise. But what they had was their vision. They discovered it for themselves and it made sense to their generation. It was relevant, effective and vibrant. It had excitement and energy. It was what the Lord, the head of the church wanted for that time.

Unfortunately much of the format and teachings have slipped into traditions and rituals that are no longer relevant, effective and vibrant. Instead of excitement and energy there is a resignation to simply “maintain”. Unfortunately the generations who came after were asked (or even told) that they must not question or change the way things were done.

They were not allowed to have a new vision, a new relevance or a new vibrancy. The church is a living entity that should always be growing, and to grow it needs change.

Stand fast therefore in the liberty by which Christ has made us free, and do not be entangled again with a yoke of bondage. Galatians 5:1

It’s time now to let go of any history that holds us back from following the Spirit and keeps us chained to the past. It’s time now to make new history. It’s time now for us to fall in love with the Lord Jesus all over again and dedicate our lives to what He wants and not what tradition or ritual dictates.

It’s time now for us to allow that love to spill into the church and ignite the lost forms of worship, discipleship, service, dedication and absolute surrender to Christ. It’s time now for us to shed the weight of non-biblical teaching that seeks to control and instead capture fresh the freeing liberty in Christ.

I challenge all of us to make that happen. We may not agree on everything (ok we definitely won’t) but let’s agree on this – that we seek first the kingdom of God and take off the blinders we’ve been asked to wear. I challenge all of us to put down our trust and pride in a system we’ve been handed and take up the call to be men and women of vision.

I challenge all of us to wipe the slate clean and start new with just the Word of God and not man-made instructions on how, when, where and why we do things.

An Appeal to the Older Generations

We need you! We need your wisdom, care, love and support. We need you to help us in our vision. Not to bring down the hammer when things don’t fit the old mold but to work together with us to define what’s relevant for our generation.

Will you be our companions, mentors and co-labourers as we seek to follow the leading of the Spirit? Will you lay aside the preferences of men and help us recapture the power of the Spirit in the church?



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    Fantastic article Crawford! Well written in every way. It’s hard for those of us in the “mid-age” bracket to express that things need to be “adjusted” to teach this new generation without conforming to the ways of the world by making “going to church fun” as some current commercials advertise. The GOOD NEWS was, is, and always be! Being current doesn’t take away from that, but we do need to adjust, and the having the prayerful support of our Elders would only greatly enhance the current ministry.


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    Very good article Crawford and I will pray the Lord will convict your generation to take up the torch and carry it forward until He comes. In my younger time in Assembly life we too faced the challenges that faced our Assemblies then! There was also a resistance to change and we had to make some very important decisions to reach the lost in a way that was different to the past. Moses led the people in the wilderness but He could not lead them into the land. Joshua’s experience in leading God’s people forward meant different ways and experiences he never faced in the wilderness.We must always remember that those of the past did serve the Lord in their generation and although their methods were different “their faith we must follow”! They along with us and those who follow will have their service reviewed and rewarded!!!!


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    Good summary of a complex issue Crawford. I see this as a two way street where the older generation need to be willing to accept a few changes, but the younger generation need to be willing to step up and take on more responsibility.


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    Good.. Good… Good. I have found however… that the current generation to whom you are speaking, new some new structures, especially in the case of local church/assembly leadership. In other words, the older models have not worn well in terms of passing the baton. I am behind you guys, 100%


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