When Leaders are Learning: The Trickle-down Effect

Discipleship, at the highest level, is for those who are tasked with shepherding God’s people. If the leaders are learning and growing, there will be trickle-down effect on the rest of the congregation. The leaders model being disciples who are constantly learning.

Creating a learning church boils down to creating a culture of learning for those who preach and teach.

Why do preachers and teachers need to improve their teaching?

Most medical professionals are required to take continuing education to maintain their professional standards. Professionals of all sorts require ongoing training to keep their skills sharp and expand their abilities.

How much more important, then, is it for churches to provide continual training for those who preach and teach the Word of God? Especially in churches where the preaching and teaching is shared among the elders and others in the church. That teaching may be in youth ministry, ladies’ ministry, Sunday School, and small group ministry. Even outreaches involve teaching the gospel.

So we should strive to be the best we can, and that means continuing to gain new insights into the communication process. The church that provides ongoing education to its preachers and teachers is a church that will grow and not stagnate.

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By Chuck Gianotti


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    Yes, yes, and Yes
    I think many elders need to study more, and have help to improve their speaking skills, ie (teaching, pastoral, evangelistic or exhortation) if they are going to have a public ministry. Many have just grown up in the assemblies, but are not always well taught themselves, and just follow the pattern that they always did, and when they go to the mission field they preach as they did in Canada. .. but it is not always effective in a cross-cultural setting.Especially those who are in very small assemblies need encouragement and helpful suggestions..

    However, a Bible Teacher is a spiritual gift that needs to be developed. Many who teach do not have the spiritual gift, but if there are few to draw on, then Pray for the Lord to help them develop and get suggestions on how to build up the assembly. It can be very difficult when there are not gifted men, and women cannot comment, (or correct doctrinal errors, share ideas or opinions etc. especially on the mission field where there is no one else to call on)

    If speakers speak on few occasions, they may have the gift, but are not used enough to develop their gifts. Sometimes it is VERY evident who has the gifts to teach but they are seldom called on, Possibly because of a heavy or irregular work schedule and family commitments.

    I do not know of assemblies that teach their congregation, skills in evangelism and various way to reach others in evangelism that can start a program in the church for this purpose. BUT … Can women be used to do this? .. or can she give ideas? .. Or must it be men who have never done evangelism lead the ministry?

    For example: on the mission field you need to learn how to evangelize by going to the people and not inviting them into a building to be preached at. I found that no one likes to be preached at but an interactive small group guided discussion can be very effective depending on how it is done.

    No you do not need High Tech skills to give messages from the pulpit. Great preachers in the past spoke with the Spirit of God, and many were blessed


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