What is assemblyHUB?

Our Mission Statement

To evaluate and challenge the practices of the assembly movement with the Word of God and encourage positive, healthy growth within the local church.
To encourage acceptance and appreciation for the views of others in relation to personal conviction.

assemblyHUB Ministries is a registered non-profit ministry devoted to local churches commonly known as “brethren assemblies” across North America and around the world. Each member of the board has grown up in the assemblies and has a passion to see them flourish and thrive. We are committed to the study of the Word of God as our basis for practice and living. The websites, materials and events that are offered will be for the benefit of assemblies.  In no way do we look down on any other believer who attends other churches or differs from the views on this site. We love all who confess Christ as Lord and seek unity and peace, not division and strife.

What We Offer

assemblyHUB will offer a variety of resources primarily for assemblies in North America. Because of the global nature of the Internet some resources will be of interest outside of North America.

  1. assemblyHUB will maintain its website as an ongoing repository of teaching relating to assembly life and Christian living. This will be delivered entirely in digital format.  See the content goals below for more information.
  2. assemblyHUB conferences and special events. Throughout the year we will be developing special events relating to assembly life and teaching. These may be topic specific or generic based on the needs of the area involved. We also plan to partner with other ministries to host these events.
  3. Based on the teaching of the main assemblyHUB website we will be colating articles into book format for publishing.

assemblyHUB Website Content Goals

The purpose of the blog is to build up and challenge assemblies to consider the principles of the NT and how they can be applied to assembly and personal life. The focus will be on positive teaching and exhortation. Under no circumstance will we post negative stories, situations or events that will discourage believers. No content will be used to attack the views of others. While there might be opposing views presented, the articles will be written in a way that promotes unity and consideration of others.

It is our prayer that this endeavor will bring glory to the Lord Jesus Christ who is to be the central focus of everything we do in our local churches.