We Recommend: Biblical Eldership Resources

For our leadership article this week, we’d like to recommend to you Biblical Eldership Resources (BER).  Perhaps you have already heard of this ministry. If not, however, here’s a brief summary:

Vision and Mission

“This website has been created with the vision for seeing a well-functioning biblical eldership model in widespread use among churches around the world.

To facilitate this vision the team behind this site has the common mission to motivate, train and mentor current and future church leaders to install and practice the Biblical model for local church governance.”

Are you an elder?  Do you desire to be an elder one day?  Do you know of a young man who might be “elder material” but needs some training?  Take a look at this video where Chuck Gianotti introduces the website.

This group of men have developed over 200 videos, along with audio recordings, outlines, and discussion questions in order to provide tools and training for maintaining and raising up strong leadership in the local church.  We feel this is an invaluable resource and encourage you to take a look. For further information, see the BER Web_Brochure (click) or contact them at http://biblicaleldership.com/contact-us

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    This past year we started using these videos as a devotional at the start of our Elder’s meetings. They are excellent, and at around 10-15 minutes long, they can cover enough of a topic to give you something to think about without taking up a majority of the meeting. They are also relevant and challenging, so I would highly recommend them.


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