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Wake Up to the problem of Pornography

Wake Up to the problem of Pornography

It is a verifiable fact that sites that explicitly sell and broadcast pornography receive more regular traffic than Netflix, Amazon, & Twitter COMBINED each month!  As I grew up in my church into my late teens and early twenties, I knew that I experienced the struggle – but I always assumed that I was more or less alone with it.

The need for accountability

By God’s grace, He built an accountability structure around me and worked in my life to remove this area of sin, and satisfy me in Christ.  However, as I got older, I slowly realized that I was not the exception.  There is an abundance of data showing how much of a world-wide issue pornography is.

I’m not alone

Quickly, I realized that my previous viewing, and dabbling was not the exception, but the rule, even and especially in the church. My thought process went to assuming most men did not view pornography, to rather assuming that in one form or another, each and every man viewed some form of pornography regularly, and/or was steeped in a battle with sexual sin.

How can I make such a statement, you say? Well, the nature of the world around us (especially in the western culture) is so pervasively centered around sexuality. Do you know what plays on cable? You don’t even need to wait till evening anymore. Do you know what you can access on Netflix?

Pornography is killing the church

I am urging us to not be silent on this issue – to talk about it in church, address it head-on, call it what it is! A dear friend of mine who I have been accountable with, and with whom I speak a lot to concerning this topic consistently tells me “porn is going to kill the church from the inside”.

I am impassioned by his concern, but this is not true, if Jesus’ forgiving and transforming grace have their way.

It’s not just about pornography websites

Let me take this chance to mention that pornography not only explicit content found on specific websites.  This is pop culture, this is movies rated anything PG-13 and up, this is billboards, sports magazines, video games, Facebook ads.

A person does not need to be naked for it to be pornography – and people can become addicted to explicit images that are quite normalized in our culture. We must be more on the alert than ever.

It’s time to start talking

As church leaders, friends, parents, brothers, and sisters, this conversation must be had. Not just later on, or in a little while, or with a few people. This conversation needs to be had NOW. This problem must be confronted publically, called what it is, and labelled for the wretchedness that it causes.

We must wake up to the fact, that, as my dear friend says, “pornography is killing the church from the inside”.

A wonderful resource

Tomorrow I will be posting a review of an excellent book by Heath Lambert called “Finally Free”. He speaks directly to pornography, but every single strategy spoken of by Heath is related to the battle for purity in an impure generation.

I highly recommend this book as an excellent study tool for a group of young adults (guys and gals), and even a group of men or women (young or old).

Let’s act now!

It is time to wage war on the sin of sexual immorality. It’s time to lay aside our naïve assumptions, step out of our hesitancy to have “awkward” conversations, and be the body of Christ that we were meant to be.

That is, facing the disease head on, with the balm of the forgiving and transforming grace that only God can supply through the work and person of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect any other author or an official position of the assemblyHUB team.

Joseph Guirguis

Joseph Guirguis was born in Toronto and raised in Ajax, Ontario. He is in fellowship at Rossland Ridge Bible Chapel in Ajax. Although raised in a Christian family, he came to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus in his mid-late teens, and acknowledges his unending need of God’s grace since that time. His great desire is to serve his brothers and sisters in the Church.

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    I also believe that pornography is indeed wreaking havoc on the young men (and some young women) in our assemblies.I am fearful of the impact that pornography addiction will have on the next generation of believers in our assemblies. I agree that we need to start bringing it out in the open and discussing it in our churches. We need to get our heads out of the sand and tackle the issue straight on. I am glad their are resources like the one reviewed here. But I think we need more than just books to help with this issue. Simply passing a book to someone who admits to an addiction to pornography, regardless of how well intentioned that act may be, isn’t enough. There needs to be follow-up. There needs to be relationship, community, confession, prayer, etc. One (admittedly imperfect, yet still valuable) resource that I’ve used in a small group, that focuses on these key aspects, is found at http://www.faithfulandtrue.com (specifically the LIFE recovery guide for men, found in the resources section). I am interested in any other resources/strategies that others have used. We need to share these things so that we can properly address this very troubling and potentially devastating issue.

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    As a wife who has lived through the trauma that porn inflicts on a marriage and has had the joy of seeing my husband commit that struggle to the Lord and turn from his sin. I have a challenge especially for, but not limited to, the men who struggle with this very serious addiction. I’m tired of the porn issue. Here’s the reality:
    There would not be such a struggle with this addiction in our churches if every week when we met together a video recapped all that we watched that week. Well Hello the Lord himself – Jesus Christ who gave His life for us – knows all that we watch. If we truly grasped the holiness of Jesus and lived in reverend fear and awe of Him, we would never click those sites. It’s time for our men to stop limping around like victims of the porn monster who lives under their beds and walk strong and tall with their heads held high because of who they are in Christ! Be courageous, be strong, don’t allow yourself to repeatedly walk into this trap set by Satan himself. Small groups and accountability have their places but don’t kid yourself the victory is found in Christ alone.

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