Thumbs Up…What My Assembly is Doing Well

Here at AssemblyHUB, we write about many current issues facing the assemblies today. Sometimes that can come across rather negatively. All we hear is change.change.change.

And yet, the outlook is not all doom and gloom. There are thriving, healthy assemblies, and each contributor is keenly aware of, and thankful for, what their home assembly is doing well.

We wanted to encourage our readers with this good news, and challenge all of you to ponder what your assembly is doing well.

I’m Bernadette Veenstra and I fellowship at Northwest Gospel Hall in Grand Rapids, MI.

Our assembly has over 70 kids below age 18. I appreciate how our elders and Sunday school teachers have made it a priority to assist the parents in the spiritual formation of their offspring. Children are welcomed, valued, loved, taught, and protected. As a mother of four, this is very important to me, and my assembly is doing this ministry well.

I’m Crawford Paul and I fellowship at Rolling Meadows Bible Chapel in Thorold, ON.

One of the things I appreciate so much about our assembly is that there is a warm family atmosphere where people genuinely care for one another. When one person or family is hurting others come alongside to support them in practical and spiritual ways. People know the love of Christ through their family at RMBC.

I’m Dan Kruszelnicki and I fellowship at Rideau Christian Fellowship in Perth, ON.

RCF is home to Christians from various theological backgrounds. We have members with roots among the Baptists, Pentecostals, Presbyterians, Community Churches and the whole spectrum of Assemblies. Together we have found sweet fellowship and common ground around the doctrines of primary importance and walk in grace when we disagree over lesser things. We work well with the other churches in our community and enjoy spirited and refining conversations with one another, always with a spirit of unity.

I’m Scott Duncan and I fellowship at Oxford Bible Chapel in Oxford, PA.

The Oxford fellowship is enjoyable because of the simplicity in which we meet. We are privileged to share in a fellowship meal every week, which allows for the saints to have deeper conversations and to be more involved or in tune with the daily lives of each other due to the extended time we have together each Sunday. The profitability of these meals is evident by the fact that prayer requests can be shared in an informal way that is more family oriented.

I’m Hanniel Ghezzi and I fellowship at Malton Bible Chapel in Mississauga, ON.

One important barometer of an assembly is its treatment of children. Our first visit to Malton Bible Chapel five years ago coincided with the Sunday school practicing for its upcoming Christmas program. Without knowing whether we would make the assembly our permanent home, the Sunday school teachers immediately involved our children, giving them roles in the play and fitting them for costumes. At the time, our son was the only toddler in the nursery, yet the ladies arranged for a regular nursery roster. Jannilea and I knew that we would be looked after because our children were looked after.

What is your assembly doing well? Share with us in the comments so we all can be encouraged!

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