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Three Profitable Books for Shepherds

Three Profitable Books for Shepherds
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The following is the fifth part in Scott’s series on loving shepherds. Part 1: Everybody Love a Shepherd Challenge, part 2: How to Love Your Shepherds, part 3: Everybody Love a Shepherd Testimonials, part 4: Everybody Love a Shepherd Testimonials part 2.

In Light of Eternity

The Ravenhill bio is inspiring, encouraging, helpful, greatly enjoyable.  Easily in my top 5 all time biographies. I will read this again someday. I just gave my copy away, and sent one to another shepherd I love and want to encourage.

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Spiritual Depression

This Lloyd-Jones book is about helping people that struggle with different kinds of sin (not clinical depression). I have a friend with a masters in Christian counselling who says this is the most helpful book he has ever read on being a people helper – specifically helping them with the common struggles of sin people deal with.

BONUS: if an elder doesn’t like to read, the hardback (pictured) comes with an audio CD of the sermons on which the book was based.

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The Reformed Pastor

This book by Richard Baxter is the best book I have read on pastoral work. It’s very, very instructive, challenging, encouraging, inspiring.  It’s an easy read – keeps your attention and will definitely build pastoral care and ability in a willing life.Plus it’s an incredible story of a local move of God through a willing shepherd of people.

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