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Sherri Jason

5 Tips for Teaching Children About Christmas

Over the years I have had the privilege to teach groups of children in either a Sunday School, Vacation Bible School or Kids Klub (similar to AWANA) program.  For Kids Klub, the majority of the kids are from our neighborhood and most of them “unchurched”.

As I’ve been reflecting on the Christmas season, I thought back to a number of years ago when I stood before our community children and asked the question, “Who was born on Christmas Day?”  To my surprise, the first child answered “Steve”.  Chuckling to myself and realizing I probably was not very clear, I re-worded my question to be more specific and the next answer I got was “Jack” posed more like a question – “Jack?”  I said, “Do you mean Jack Frost?”  and the boy nodded.  Thankfully a little girl who also comes to our Sunday School had the right answer – “JESUS!”

For any of us that teach unsaved kids on a regular basis, let’s not forget that nowadays even adults have not heard all the basics of our faith.  So here are a couple of thoughts about teaching these precious children about the birth of Christ.

1.  Don’t assume they know any of the story.  For a lot of them they may have heard bits and pieces but may be confused in their minds in how the events played out.

2.  Tell the whole story.  Don’t leave out why Jesus came. Make sure you mention sin and what happened with Adam and Eve.  Tell how God promised to send a Savior.  Mention the cross and the resurrection.  It will give them perspective and it’s a great opportunity to give them the gospel once again.

3. Get the story right!  Don’t talk about the wise men at the stable or about there being 3 of them.

4. Don’t even consider correcting their thoughts on Santa Claus.  However you feel about Santa, it’s not our place to tell them he doesn’t exist or spoil their fun.  Not only will you have upset kids, their parents will be upset with you as well and you may lose an opportunity with them.  And please, most of all, don’t go on about how if you rearrange the letters in Santa it spells Satan!

5.  Give them a gift.  After all, giving a gift is a representation of how God gave His indescribable gift to us!

Have fun with the kids this Christmas and thank the Lord for the opportunity He has given you!




  1. Jim Paul

    Excellent article Sherri! For those of us who have been involved in Childrens work we often forget the children of this generation have no knowledge of the Bible. When starting a kids Club a few years ago in this area my first question was ‘Who was Jesus Mother” After getting a number of names it was evident that they did not know who Jesus was never mind his mother. What an amazing opportunity we have to tell the wonderful story to this generation. Jim Paul


  2. Avatar

    Well said. I am leading a group of boys banging on drums to “Little Drummer Boy.” After reading your article, I asked the boys: “It says, ‘I play my drum for Him,etc.’ Who’s Him? Blank stares. So I taught them the truths of using our talents to honor the Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for your thoughts.


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