TBT – Watch Your Habits

This article was written by John R. E. McLaren and published in “Calling”, September 1959. Titles have been added.

John R. E. MCLAREN  Calling – September 1959

We are all creatures of “custom” or “habit”. Even the eccentric is such, though his habits are of a different pattern from the accepted norm. Our Lord had his customs; some are clearly indicated in the Gospels: e.g.

  1. Attendance at Public Worship (Luke 4:16)
  2. Public Teaching (Mark 10:1)
  3. Quiet place of prayer (Luke 22:39)

What are our customs?

Some have the custom of lying in bed late in the morning. If they tried they would find that they could change this so that they would enjoy the habit of early rising.

If they did they would not want to revert to their old ways again. Early risers
like Abraham and Mary Magdalene get the best blessings.

Perhaps your habit is “gossiping”, talking about others unlovingly. Try to change this to talking to God about them. You will be so much happier, because then you will be a blessing, instead of a curse, to the world.

When you think of “so-and-so’s” weakness, quieten your heart before your Holy Father, and ask Him to give you more of His forgiveness and wisdom so that you can really assist the one you might have sinfully gossiped about to others.

Again, your custom may be looking at television hour after hour. What a waste of life! Why not “look on the things of others” (Phil. 2:4). Use your lives to useful ends.

You can’t get the time back

Soon you will wish you could recapture those wasted hours, but they are GONE FOREVER – all because of faulty habits!

God has given you a will. You CAN break poor habits. It is easier to do good habitually than spasmodically.  Try to cultivate good habits. God is on your side.

The need for discipline

You will never be a Christian soldier if you do not discipline your life and form strong, good habit-patterns. Start at once. Pray God for resolution.

Sow an Act and you reap a habit,
Sow a habit and you reap a character,
Sow a character and you reap a destiny.

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