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TBT – The Christian Stand in a Secular Society

TBT – The Christian Stand in a Secular Society
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This article was written by Dr. R M Jones and published in “Bread Upon the Waters”, January-February 1993. Titles have been added.

The Christian is the salt of the earth simply by being what he or she is by nature. We don’t have to make ourselves the salt of the earth, but we can lose our savor. How far shall we go in the political arena when corruption pervades the system?

What about the issues?

What shall we do about abortion when the world around us accommodates an immoral society? Shall we pay our taxes when our political system encourages graft and waste and unsound business management leading us into debt? Shall we isolate ourselves from society so we will see no evil, hear no evil and do no evil?

Shall we fight for the right to have public prayer and Scripture reading in our public schools?

What shall we do about the sex educators who want to change our children’s orientation and tempt them to use condoms and have abortions? There is no easy answer to the above questions, but there are some principles that we may consider.

Stay focused on the gospel!

The first is, that we must not be diverted from our message of the gospel to a lost and dying world. Much of Christian radio and TV has been sidetracked into the worldly debate over the issues. Many hours are given to the fighting of the corruption and sin of this world. Some, like Lot; have become a judge to this world.

They spend their time condemning immorality, sex perversion and corruption and seldom find time to tell of the Lord Jesus, the cross, the shedding of the blood and the forgiveness of sins. They are attacking the problem without giving the answer.

Being effective as salt

We have been stopped from having prayer and Bible reading in the public school classes and graduations. But it may be noted that our children are still able to be the salt of the earth.

There is no law that forbids them to pray, to read the Bible or to give the gospel. They may suffer persecution if they do this, but they will not break the law. God can still use good salt.

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2 Responses to TBT – The Christian Stand in a Secular Society

  1. Avatar
    Calvin Fritchey

    Salt does many things
    1) It preserves from corruption and prevents rottenness.
    2) It savors, sweetens, and makes things taste better.
    -Watermelon with salt sprinkled over it, is much sweeter to many southern
    -A cake or cornbread without salt is, well, unsavory, meaning it doesn’t
    taste good!
    3) It burns when it comes in contact with our cuts and bruises of life and
    -We gargle with salt water when we have a sore throat. It burns at first
    then heals!
    4) It burns those not really wanting to touch it or when handling it.
    -As unbelievers come in contact with our lives daily they will soon touch
    our lives and these folks may be burned by the sting of the salt. People
    will react 2 ways. Get hurt or offended by the sting our pure salted
    life before the Lord, bears out and either want what we have so they can
    be cleansed or they will hoot and holler and jump up and down because
    they came in contact with our salted lives and they don’t like the
    result. I thank God for those faithful Christians whose salted life I
    came in contact with and whom touched my weak life and savored me!
    5) All this to say that being salt can end up causing unbelievers sin to
    be addressed without us saying one word! Kind of like the woman in
    1 Peter 3:1-“Likewise, ye wives, be in subjection to your own husbands;
    that, if any obey not the word, they also may without the word be won
    by the conversation of the wives;”

  2. Avatar

    Very challenging! Of course, there are now laws or at least rules that prohibit such things. Then what? This article reminds me that this world is really NOT my home!

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