TBT – A Thirsty Soul Finds Peace

This story was published in “Words of Love”, September 1938.

A great preacher had come to the town where Mr. B. lived, and although he seldom attended meetings, he did go with his wife to these meetings. Among many others he was awakened and thoughts of eternity made him very uneasy.  His wife was a Christian but he cleverly managed to hide his feelings.

One night he was left alone in the house with his little girl. She was just five years old. Her father was so troubled that he walked back and forth in the room in his agony. The little girl noticed this and said, “What’s the matter, daddy?”

“Nothing,” said the father, and he tried to be his old self again but it was all in vain. Once more the little girl looked up in her father’s face and said, “Daddy, if you’re thirsty, why don’t you get a drink of water?” This was just a simple statement of a little child, but it reminded her father of the words he had heard from the preacher as he quoted the Word of God, “Whosoever will, let him take of the water of life freely.”  He was thirsting for that living water; why did he not drink when it was offered freely?

He went into his room, threw himself on his knees, and received from God the promised water.  He rose from his knees a new man in Christ Jesus.

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