Peter Hanna

Spoken Word: Love and War

Self sacrifice: The greatest act of love/

Love for your country, love for your people, love for yourself/

The reasons that many went off to war/

But true love is NOT blind!

Is it?

What drives a person to leave everything behind, and go fight on the front lines in a foreign land, knowing they may never return home?

Love for their country, love for their people, love for themselves?

Either way, true love is NOT blind!

Love drove a medic to serve with no weapons but instead march in a sea of red to rescue people on both sides

True love is NOT blind!

But the truest of love caused one Man to go where no other man dared/

To fight a war that no other man braved and even if they did, they would be unable to fight/

Blood pouring from His pores just hours before He’d fight a war against death itself/

The war to end all wars/

True love is NOT blind!

True love caused the God who created all to come down and brawl with sin and man’s wretchedness/

Imagine the twist when He gave His last breath and all hope seemed lost, only for Him to rise from the dead like He said that He would?

To take on this battle because there was no other way, and all of us astray despised Him for it/

He KNEW what He signed up for when time, space, and matter were merely a thought/

When all that existed was in another realm, He was prepared for this war/

It was love for His creation, love for His people, and love for Himself/

True love is NOT blind!

No truer love than to lay down your life for those who may never do the same/

For those who don’t cherish the freedom that was hand delivered on a silver platter/

To sacrifice not despite all of this but IN SPITE of all of this/

True love is NOT blind!

Not all is fair in love and war

Peter Hanna

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