Special Events

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assemblyHUB seeks to provide positive teaching on New Testament principles and Christian practices. Our events will include teaching with balanced views on various topics relating to assembly life and function. 

Our events are centered around the Bible and much thought is given to how we apply the Scripture to our daily lives and the functioning of the local assembly.

Flexible Options

We tailor our presentations to fit the needs of your local church event. We work with you to provide the best teaching and application that will inform, challenge and encourage the believers.

Maybe you don’t need us for a full conference. We can accommodate your event schedule. We offer the following options:

Full Weekend

This is a Friday night/Saturday conference.

  • Friday Night: A Youth focused evening where we address specific issues relating to their involvement in the local church. This is a 2 hour evening with a short break in between.
  • Saturday (6 hours): A schedule which covers many topics of local church life and practice. Typically there are 2-3 sessions, followed by lunch or supper and then 2 final sessions.

Full Day (6 hours)

A schedule which covers 5-6 topics of local church life and practice. Typically there are 2-3 sessions in the morning and 2-3 in the afternoon. Lunch will need to be provided.

Half Day (3 hours)

A schedule which covers 2-3 topics of local church life and practice. Typically the sessions are in either the morning or afternoon.

Seminar (up to 90 minutes)

We can fit any of our topics into a conference or event. These seminars can be interactive.

Possible Topics

• Issues facing our assemblies today
• The necessity of change for growth
• Establishing biblical leadership
• Passing the baton of leadership
• Engaging the youth in the assembly
• Generational differences in the church
• Reviving true discipleship
• Creating an environment for evangelism
• Personal witnessing 101
• Doctrine, principle, pattern & conviction
• Using technology in the church
• Better communication

We have 2 special seminars we conduct on Mental Health and the Believer and Biblical Sexuality (contact us for more information).

Many more topics can be covered. Contact us for more options.

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