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Song of the Week: Story

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One of the great truths of sanctification is that the Lord is never done with us. He continues to write the story of our lives until He brings us to glory.

1. I am not my fear, I am not my failure
You tell me that I am a child of grace, forgiven and known
You are not asleep, You have not forsaken me
Ever-present help, my God I’ll trust in you alone

I’m broken and I am weak, but in emptiness I’m complete
There is no sorrow deep enough to pull me from your love
You see it all, You are the Living one
And your story is not done, oh your story
You’re making me new
So humbly now I come for you’re story is not done
Your story is not done

2. You’re writing on my heart,
You’re clothing me with kindness
Finishing the work of your own hands with mercy and light
Your promises endure
You make beauty out of ashes
Filling up the canyon of my soul with songs in the night


All the days unseen, you’re holding the mystery unfolding until your glory is revealed. (X2)


Ali Matthews and  Tim Neufeld

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