Song of the Week: New Star Shining

Christmas is a time of joy as we celebrate the birth of the Lord.  The Lord wants to be found by us. Are we still seeking Him?

They didn’t own a house, no crib no toys were waiting
Still they had their love for the child they were anticipating
He was born one winter night on a road between two towns
They wrapped him up so warm and tight and said
It looks like heaven’s come down

There was a new star shining in the sky up above
By its light that winter night
They found peace and perfect love
If we want to find it, I know we always will
For that new star is shining for us still

They worried how to feed him a simple trade was all they knew
It was hard enough to make ends meet when there was only two
But the cold, the dark, the hunger couldn’t take away their joy
Cuz she knew that she’d find a way
For their precious baby boy

Johanna Hall / Johanna D Hall / John Hall / John J Hall

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