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Song of the Week: Immanuel’s Land

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One of the most endearing hymns of all time.  This is a wonderful acoustic version that will encourage your soul.

O Christ, He is the fountain,
The deep, sweet well of love!
The streams on earth I’ve tasted
More deep I’ll drink above;
There, to an ocean fullness
His mercy doth expand,
And glory, glory dwelleth In Immanuel’s land.

O I am my Beloved’s,
And my Beloved is mine!
He brings a poor, vile sinner
Into His house of wine;
I stand upon His merit,
I know no other stand,
Not e’en where glory dwelleth In Immanuel’s land.

The bride eyes not her garment,
But her dear bridegroom’s face;
I will not gaze at glory,
But on my King of grace:
Not at the crown He giveth,
But on His pierced hand:
The Lamb is all the glory Of Immanuel’s land.

Anne Ross Cousin

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