Song of the Week: God is on the Throne

When men and women fear for their governments this is a great reminder that there is One greater on a higher throne!

I hear everybody talking on the right and on the left,
They’re holding out their promises while we all hold our breath,
and if I did not know better I would be scared to death,

But God is on the throne.I know that it all matters and there’s so much at stake
And I know we all need wisdom for decisions we must make
But there’s only one who’s making promises that He won’t break
And He is on the throne.

He is faithful and true, everything He says He’ll do,
And everything we go through, He will go with us.
All the kingdoms of man are in the palm of His hand
So I will not fear, I’ll say it loud and clear, so my own heart can hear it
God is on the throne.

Well I’ve got my fears and worries like everybody else
I love this country and it’s broken and in desperate need of help
So I’m praying to the one who has the power to make us well
‘Cause He is on the throne

Kingdoms rise and kingdoms fall, only one stands through it all
It’s the kingdom of the God of grace and love
And I’m not worried because I know
God is on the throne.

Steven Curtis Chapman


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