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Should We Pray for Healing? Part 2

In the first post we thought about some aspects of why the Lord doesn’t always heal. Does that mean we shouldn’t pray for healing?  Here are some more points to consider.

Everyone asks their god to heal

Even those who worship gods made by hands believe that their gods will heal. If enough prayer time, persistence, and appropriate offerings are made, every religion makes room for healing. Therefore, when one is not healed, the conclusion is that they have been lacking faith, persistence, or that they have sinned.

How have we allowed this thinking into our heads, homes and churches? We do not serve a god made with hands! We serve the living and true God! All of the above methods of bringing about healing are dependent on (1) works and (2) persuading someone who is reluctant to give.

Others prayers during physical illness

Those who do not believe in the God of the Bible would find it hard to imagine anything could be more important than healing. However, I suggest that there are many other things that we can pray for.

An opportunity to be a witness

Do we pray for the medical staff that the ill one will come in contact with? There is a lovely lady from our assembly who had a stroke a number of months ago. This lady is an eager evangelist, a hugger, and a beautiful soul who loves on and smiles at everyone. As I pray for her, I am so excited for the opportunities that she has, every day, to love on the nurses, the doctors, the others on her ward.

The medical community is huge, and they deal with difficult people and lots of discouragements every day. Maybe the Lord has allowed an illness in the life of one of His own in order to be a blessing to a few nurses and doctors.

Our assembly had 4 people experiencing heart problems this last Christmas. I think maybe God wanted to give the cardiac teams in Hamilton a special Christmas gift from Himself, and He sent a few of His own to them, for a time. Am I willing to be that gift? Am I willing to think outside of myself? Will anyone pray for me to have the perspective needed to see this as an opportunity?

Many forms of healing

Do we really believe that the only healing power God has is over bodies? I do know and believe that the Lord is able to heal. I’ve seen it in my life. He is healing me from the desire to be in control. He is healing me from my limited view of who He is. He is healing me from my persistent self-centered view of all around me. There is so much in my heart and mind that is more dangerous than my physical condition!

When I die, I will receive a new body! Healing for that is certainly coming! But the opportunity to become more like Christ will have passed. As you pray for me, pray that the Lord will teach me and grow me to be more like Christ.

Pray that my heart and mind would be renewed, and that I would be willing to walk through whatever is given in order to build up my spiritual muscles and to get rid of the flesh. Pray that my heart and mind would be healed. And that the physical pain, limitations, and fears would not hinder the greater work that the Lord wants to do in me.

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Anne Griffiths


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    As long as the book of James is included in the New Testament, I’m for praying for the sick, for healing. Very few read and practice James’ writing as far as calling the elders to come and anoint them with oil for healing, Never have been requested in my 30 or so years as elder. Some in our assembly don’t believe this passage is for today… Amazing. But, yes, I pray for my friends to get well. Remember, sometimes the answer is wait,sometime the answer is no, sometimes, yes,now. But as long as it’s in the book… I’ll pray.


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      Hi Jim, This is a difficult passage and I know many that view this passage directly related to sickness from sin, which is why the elders are called due to the spiritual nature. If we are to take this as something beyond that then every time a person calls the elders to pray for healing, healing should take place. “And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well…” It doesn’t say it might make them well. I personally haven’t come to a definitive view on this passage but it’s not as black and white as it might appear.


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    Anne, thanks for another thoughtful post on this subject.

    To other readers, I may be mistaken but I don’t see the writer as saying anywhere here that prayer for healing is wrong. Correct me if I’m misinterpreting you, Anne, but it seems to me you’re suggesting we think more deeply about what we are asking the Lord for in each situation, recognizing that healing is not the Lord’s intended outcome in every situation, and that there is much more to the Christian life than the physical condition of our bodies.

    It seems to me this is very sound advice.


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