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Refining assemblyHUB’s focus in 2019

When we started assemblyHUB over 5 years ago our mission was pretty simple. We wanted believers in assemblies to discuss the state of the assemblies. We wanted them to look at how things were done in light of scripture and evaluate where things stand.

Over these 5 years we have sought to bring to light some of the issues facing our little movement of God. This has met with mostly positive and encouraging feedback.

Making a connection

We have people every month who reach out to us and thank us for what we are doing and a number of them have indicated how it has helped turn their assembly around. They battle with the issues we talk about and they make changes.

We had an elder tell us just a few weeks ago that they have adopted some things we have been addressing and they have seen a tremendous change in the assembly for the better.

We have young people thank us for giving them hope and a voice. These are not young impressionable teens. These are solid couples in their 20s, 30s and 40s.

Others have voiced their disapproval. It may come as a surprise, but that feedback is also appreciated as it lets us know where things still stand on various issues.

An updated mission

As we move into another year it is our goal to to get more specific about the challenges that face the assemblies. With this in mind we have updated our missions statement.

To evaluate and challenge the practices of the assembly movement with the Word of God and encourage positive, healthy growth within the local church.

To encourage acceptance and appreciation for the views of others in relation to personal conviction.

It is our earnest desire to see the assemblies grow in 2019. We hold some precious truths among us and feel there is a great opportunity to expand those truths to many more Christians.

Here are a few goals as we look to a new year

  1. A call to unity. There is much division in the body of Christ. There is much division in the assembly movement. It is our desire to see more unity and less division. This means an understanding of the role of unity within the body of Christ.
  2. A call to scripture. Much of the debate and division in the assemblies come from topics that are not even found in scripture. We will seek to evaluate these issues and focus more on what the scripture does teach.
  3. A call to the gospel. It can’t be expressed enough how much we long to see the church (of which the assemblies are a part) in North America become a driving force for evangelism. Not just a mouthpiece for the gospel message but also acting as the hands and feet of the Lord Jesus. We want to see His people take His love and compassion to those who desperately need it.
  4. A call to leadership. The assemblies need a generation of leaders to rise up and take their place. We are seeing this start to happen and it is exciting. Young men and women with a clear passion to live for Christ are becoming more visible and that can only mean great things for the church.
  5. A call to grace. It isn’t an understatement to say that we hate legalism. It strikes against every fiber of our being. We believe that to transform our assemblies we need a huge dose of God’s amazing grace. This means challenging the bitter, harsh attitudes that exist in some assemblies.
  6. A call to evaluation. Some readers have complained that we can be negative against the assemblies. We agree at times that is true. We will do our best to keep things as positive as we can. Sometimes black just needs to be called black and there are hard things to consider. We ask all our readers to be open to evaluate the state of their assemblies and see what applies to them.

Some observations

  1. We have conversations with people from assemblies all over North America and the things we write about are common themes that come up over and over. We feel there are still many assemblies that don’t like/want change and it’s driving many young families away.
  2. We believe the assemblies in a number of ways (not completely) have become a denominational system. We see many things we do that are not only non-biblical but are harmful to growth. What’s even worse is the strict adherence to these practices at the expense of the body.
  3. As we travel around to speak, visit or ask about assemblies, the overwhelming trend is that many assemblies have an aging population. The future is not good for them. Most of them follow a similar pattern and most of them handle change very poorly if at all.
  4. We don’t believe the grass is greener on the other side (in other church groups). If we did we wouldn’t still be in the assemblies. However we do feel that believers in other churches have much to contribute to our lives and to the church in general. We don’t see them as black sheep, uneducated, seeking entertainment or any other condescending thing you can think of to say about them. We see them as dearly beloved children of God seeking to honour their Lord by their lives and service.

In conclusion we hope to communicate our vision clearer through our articles. We will seek to be as positive as possible. We will not back down from covering difficult and controversial subjects. We will continue to challenge the issues facing us so that we can always be striving for growth, spiritual change and vibrancy.

We believe the Lord is doing great and exciting things in the assemblies. His Spirit is moving. We want to be used by Him to build up the church and reach the lost. To God be the glory!!



  1. Chuck Gianotti

    I heartily encourage this effort at carrying on the banner of reformation. Many voices have gone before echoing similar concerns, the task continues on. I pray your efforts will bring the same kind of response as the apostle Paul ‘s and for the same reasons: “For who is our hope or joy or crown of exultation? Is it not even you, in the presence of our Lord Jesus at His coming?” (1 Thess 2:19). Would that all assemblies of God’s people bring that kind of joy!

    Keep up the good work, Crawford and all,


  2. Avatar

    Great objectives for 2019! May God continue guiding you in His Work and every edition or post be what the Lord’s Church needs. For your information, the findings in USA are very similar to Argentina’s assemblies. God bless you!


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