Preparation for the Task: Evangelism Part 2

In the last article I referred to my first door to door encounter with a woman whom I spoke with in her driveway. It was soon after I learned that people fit into different categories. This gave me time to prepare as to how to answer them.

In fact, after any discussion I have, I question myself as to how I could have done better. We do not have pat answers so there is preparation needed. The most important thing is to have a real desire to read and study the Word of God.  

I was encouraged to get a grasp of the Gospel of John and the Epistle to the Romans as well as other gospel Scriptures. Those formative years were so important for what the Lord had in store for me.

Preaching to cows and empty chairs

One dear brother took myself and 2 other young men in the assembly (we were good companions) and suggested we each take a few scriptures to present a gospel message with them.

Then he said, go out to the fields and preach to the cows and think they are all people listening. We accepted his suggestion and to our surprise all the cows in the field came over and listened.

Now not one cow got saved but we didn’t get a dissenting moo from any of them. 🙂

When my family was out of the house I got the chairs lined up and preached my heart out. This was good preparation for speaking in public and at the open air meetings.

There are some excellent messages preached but so lack the passion and power of the Holy Spirit reducing what is taught to a lecture or talk which leaves congregations cold and dry.

Some barriers people put up

Winning souls is wise says Proverbs 11:30. Anyone involved in sports are fully aware that to win a game there is an opposition to beat. There are defenses put up to block the way.

Strategies need to be put in place in order to overcome the opposing team. Remember that everyone not saved are on Satan’s team and he is an excellent tactical Master at keeping them under his control.

Here are a few things you will be confronted with.  

I have My own religion

This is by far the most common statement you will encounter. It is never right to demean a person’s religion but I like to say, “It is good that you go to church so you must know the Lord as your Saviour.”

This opens up a whole new conversation and can lead to sharing what the Gospel reveals to them. One lady said to me, “I am also a Christian but I am not one of those born again people!”

I asked her what she thought a Christian was to which she replied, “A follower of Christ.” I took out my New Testament and asked her to read what Jesus said, “You must be born again!”  

She told me she had never heard this before and I encouraged her to go in and read the Gospel for herself. She said she would.  

There are hypocrites in the church

Here again I do not dispute this claim because unfortunately the statement is true. However I have on occasions asked them if they have a good doctor (especially those in hospital) and often get the response, “I hope so!”

Now they better know for sure because there have been doctors who have brought disrepute to the medical profession but you don’t abandon them all because of one disgraced doctor.

Where did Cain get his wife?

It is interesting that this question still comes up and I usually say, “The bible tells us in the land of Nod Genesis 4:16.”  One brother told me when asked that question he responded by saying, “can I ask you where did you get your wife?” The man was a little upset with him and said, “it is none of your business”.  My friend replied, “then I don’t think it is any of your business where Cain got his.”

To be continued

Jim Paul
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