Prayer: I’ve Got You Covered

Mayday, mayday…

Prayer is important in our assemblies, we lift each other up in prayer for physical and spiritual needs, we pray for missionaries, we pray for the activities we do at our assemblies to be a blessing to the lost around us. We understand that through prayer, our needs are met. We also understand that worship is an aspect of prayer that is desired by God and we meet once a week to remember the Lord’s sacrifice and worship Him by His own instruction “this do in remembrance of me.”

Do we realize the magnitude of how important prayer is to God?


My husband and I have two sons with severe Autism and over the last year and a half, our middle son Andy also became epileptic. The seizures were minor but very disruptive to our son’s behavior and we had been contemplating medications to control the seizures.

One morning we were putting the boys on the bus to go to school when Andy had a small seizure right there on the bus so we took him off the bus and told them we would keep him home that day. He often needs a nap after a seizure.

The moment of crisis

We brought him inside and laid him down in bed for a nap which ended up being a short one. Once he woke up, he was hanging out in the living room with me and then he had another seizure, a big one.

He was convulsing, slumped over on the couch so I got him down to the floor with a pillow but there was vomit and mucus coming out of both his nose and mouth, he was turning blue and he was choking and the seizure was going on for much longer than the usual minute and a half long seizures we were used to.

I kept calling for my husband who was in another room and finally got up and flicked the light so he could take his headphones off. Andy then stopped convulsing but was still not breathing and looking so blue and lifeless. I panicked. I was trained in first aid a long time ago but all I could do was to hold him and yell at him to please breathe. I was terrified. I thought I lost him.

My husband came and told me to call 911. While on the phone with the operator, Andy began to breathe again. The ambulance took him to the hospital to get fully checked out and was released later that day.

A praying friend

We came home and got everyone all settled and I received a call from a friend at our meeting. She said that she had a strong urge to pray for us that morning and had been praying for us all day and she was asking if everything was ok.

Do you know that overwhelming sensation of feeling loved and cared for? I was feeling that from God. He was speaking directly to me through my friend during that extremely difficult day. He was telling me that He knew exactly what was happening and that He was there through the whole ordeal because He nudged a friend to pray when she had no idea what she was praying for.

I can’t understand it fully but to think on this and contemplate God, all knowing, prompting a believer to pray to Him about something He is fully aware of makes me believe that He wants us to pray for more reasons than just to be asking and relying on Him for our needs.

Someone to fill in

I was not able to pray in my panic during those terrifying moments. I froze and I panicked. God knew that and already had me covered! I am going to repeat that, He knew that I was not able to pray so he had someone else doing it for me! It was important to Him to have someone praying for us and our son to Himself.

I feel just like David when he said in Psalm 8:4 “What is man that you take thought of him, and the son of man that you care for him?”

The level of communion that God desires of us is not something ordinary in any way. It supersedes the Skype, the text, the e-mail and broadbands that we are using with each other here because we have the Spirit.

Connecting with God

He wants us to be tightly knit with Himself and He tells us that prayer is the tie that binds us to Him. Not only does that help me to pray more but it also helps to believe in the power of prayer not always to heal us and save us from trouble but to bring us in close to Him, within his powerful, mighty and loving arms! He’s got our backs!

We were not preserved from a terrible ordeal that day though prayer but we were brought closer to Him in our appreciation and understanding of the kind of love and care He has for us.

Prayer accomplishes many things

  • Prayer is for seeking strength (1 Chr 16:11)
  • seeking mercy (Ps 4:1)
  • seeking truth (Ps 145:18)
  • seeking good things (Mt 7:11)
  • helping in our infirmities (Rom. 8:26)
  • for thanksgiving (Phil.4:6)
  • without ceasing (1 Thes. 5:17)
  • without wrath and doubting (1 Tim. 2:8)
  • to hold fast our profession (Heb. 4:14)
  • for sin (Jam 5:16 and 1 John 1:9)

Most of all, whether we understand it or not, it is His will “Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” 1 Thess. 5:16-18.

Janice Nicholson


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    Your post was a real encouragement to me today. Your passion for God in your difficult circumstances is very edifying. You spoke of the deep experiential reality of prayer which goes so far beyond mere formality. It has encouraged me to be more engaged in prayer for others. Thank you


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    A challenging story for me – am I one whom the Lord can trust with a message to pray or am I too busy to listen or to respond. Thank you Janice


    • Janice Nicholson

      Your welcome Marilyn. These experiences in receiving a blessing due to a response to the Spirit or in responding to the Spirit ourselves will never leave us regretting taking the time, that is for sure! A guaranteed charge in our spiritual lives when we have the opportunity to see the Spirit move within our local assembly.


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    What an amazing example of how God takes care of us through His servant’s intervention on our behalf!! I’ve experienced this my whole life and know I’d likely not be here today if my dear, saved loved ones didn’t take my needs to Him in prayer when I couldn’t or wouldn’t. This reminds me of an incident only a few weeks ago involving two 80+ year old saints I know. Mrs. was on an oxygen tank daily for a year or more and recently failing pretty fast. She and Mr. lived way out in the sticks alone in the farm house they had occupied their whole 60 year marriage. One night, they were sitting in their living room and she suddenly slumped over and passed out. Mr. got to her before she could fall and was holding her up sort-of pinned to the wall near where she would’ve fallen. He could barely hold her up but didn’t want to let her go to call for help, when a caring neighbour came in right at that moment to check on them and see if they needed any help. Maybe in that split second Mr. just jumped into action only thinking of saving Mrs. from falling, and not even having “time” to say a prayer for help, but their Creator sent some one to save them just at the right moment. He always knows what we need before we do, and I believe it is not only because He knows all, but because a dear saint is taking us to Him in prayer just when we need it most! Praise our wonderful Heavenly Father! <3 I am so thankful everyone was and is o.k. after that frightening experience for you Janice and John!


    • Janice Nicholson

      Yes, we were so glad to all be coming home that day recuperated from the emergency. I am so glad we are no longer struggling with seizures now with medication. Thanks Dodi!


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