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October 31st is National Evangelism Day

October 31st is National Evangelism Day
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October 31st is National Evangelism Day according to Living Waters Publications. It makes sense if you think about it. It’s the one day of the year when lost people come to your door to talk to you and it’s also the only day of the year when everyone expects strangers to come knocking at their door.

Last year I wrote a post on assemblyHUB about different outreach ideas for Halloween, this year I want to talk about some great resources to use. So whether you are planning to stay at home and pass out candy and gospel literature, go out door to door, or have a pumpkin party at your church building, it’s important to be ready with some good literature and good answers to start evangelistic conversations.


At livingwaters.org there are a bunch of great gospel materials to choose from, there is even a whole selection of tracts specifically designed for Halloween. Three of my personal favorites are the million dollar bills (not just for the monetary value), the curved illusion cards for kids, and the “Are You A Good Person?” comic.

Kids and adults like getting all of these because they are well-designed and interesting. Kids love getting the million dollar bills. When I have those around kids, the bills don’t last long. The curved illusion cards are an optical illusion that is very easy to do and is designed to be given away so kids can show the trick to their friends – the gospel is printed on the back of the cards.

The “Are You a Good Person?” comic is easy to read and deals with the most common misconception in the world – that we are naturally good people.

The million dollar bill

The million dollar bills are great conversation starters, but in my experience people are as unlikely to read them as they are to read real money, unless you point out the reason you are giving out the fake money. As soon as a child or teen sees the money they want it, even though they know it’s not real money.

So don’t let go of it until you have asked the million dollar question, “if God asked you, ‘why should I let you into heaven?’ What would you say?” Only let them have the bill after you have heard their answer and had a chance to explain the Bible’s answer. Romans 4:5 and 6:23 are great verses to share.

Curved illusion cards

The curved illusion cards are great for Halloween because kids are out “tick or treating” but we never get to see any tricks, unless our house gets teepeed with toilet paper or our car gets egged. When the kids say, “trick or treat!” You can announce that you have both a trick and a treat.

Show them the trick, asking which card is bigger, then explain that although we may think we are right, we can actually be wrong. Then ask, “do you know for sure if you are going to heaven?” Use verses like John 3:36 and 1 John 5:13 to explain how we can know for sure where we are going based on who Christ is, what He has done, and what His word says.

“Are You A Good Person?” comic

The “Are You A Good Person?” comic is one of my all time favorite gospel tracts and is probably what I would hand out if I didn’t have time to talk to someone. I would encourage getting a variety of these and other tracts to hand out whatever form of evangelism you decide to do on Halloween. And make sure you have a supply of good candy and invites to Sunday school or kid’s club.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect any other author or an official position of the assemblyHUB team.

Mike Donahue

Mike lives in Prattville, Alabama with his wife Danielle and three little children, where he works as a high school English teacher. They attend Central Bible Chapel, just outside of Montgomery. Mike is particularly interested in evangelism. He spent two years with the Good News on the Move team and he and his wife spent two summers with the Cross Canada Cruisers. Mike enjoys speaking to youth and people of all ages about the good news.

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    Link should be living waters dot com not org

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    Thanks! I love this and look forward to adding this on our church calendar of events!

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