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Is Technology Replacing the Church?

Is Technology Replacing the Church?

Christian blogger and Evangelical leader Albert Mohler posted a thought provoking blog entry on the rise of the ‘digital church’ as a replacement for traditional, physical church gatherings.

Technology can be of great value

Brother Mohler rightly points out that digital technologies can be of great value for the believer and the church alike. Online sermon libraries, online archives of the written works of Christian teachers of prior generations, and use of social media for gospel outreach are just a few of the examples cited.

Mohler goes even one step further by implying that an online presence is even NECESSARY for ministry in the 21st Century:

A church without a digital presence is a church that, to many people, simply doesn’t exist.

However, we need to exercise caution

Even with all of the potential benefits that modern, digital technology offers there are some serious dangers that we must consider.One of those dangers is to “allow these technologies to serve as a substitute for participation in a local church.”

Mohler states that “Christ clearly intends for his people to be gathered together” into local congregations. It is only here, in the local assembly, where believers can truly fellowship together in real time, break bread with one another, experience baptism, and come under the guidance and accountability of elders.

Yes, digital technologies offer many benefits for the child of God… however, we must never give into the temptation of replacing the local assembly with an artificial “digital gathering.”

I encourage you to read brother Mohler’s entire blog post here.

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Scott Thomson

Scott Thomson made a profession of faith early in life. However it was during his late teenage years when he obeyed the call of the Lord Jesus to repent. Luke 5:32. In December 2012 Scott and his wife Mary were commended to full time Christian service by the North York Gospel Chapel. Scott maintains an itinerant Bible teaching ministry and regularly contributes to the Why We Web blog as well as his own blog, Digital Sojourner. Scott and Mary have 3 children.

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