Baltimore Riots

In the News: Baltimore Riots

Over the last week we have been shocked and saddened by the tragic events in Baltimore, MD.

On April 12th Freddie Gray, a 25 year old African American man, was arrested and taken into police custody. Shortly thereafter Mr. Gray sustained significant injuries and later died on April 25.  The details of what happened between the time of his arrest and subsequent death are unclear.  Since then Baltimore has witnessed many peaceful protests; unfortunately some areas of the city have experienced civil disobedience, looting, and full scale rioting.

There are a number of assemblies in and around the Baltimore area. assemblyHUB has reached out to some of those assemblies inquiring about the situation, how the assemblies and believers in the area have been affected, and how believers from around North American can help.

Brother Alfred Gray of the Brooklyn Bible Chapel writes:

Thank you for your concern.   No, none of the assembly or those attending the assemblies have been affected by the riots.  Actually the news people made it seem a lot worse than it was.  Ninety-nine percent of the problem was in one area of Northwest Baltimore, a very high crime area.

Pray for better policing, better leadership from the [city government], and for the rec centers to be re-opened in those areas where the kids have nothing to do after school.

Brother Thomas Schetelich of the Forge Road Bible Chapel writes:

So far as I know, no assemblies in the Baltimore area have been impacted by the violence – all of them being far enough out of the city.  Personally, Vicky and I are safe, the violence reached downtown to Harbor East only in a minimal amount and beginning yesterday my home is being protected by the National Guard.

Of greater concern are the churches in the City that I am in regular communication with.  So far, I have not heard of any substantial damage.

As much of the violence got the attention – the long term economic harm will be much greater.  Conventions scheduled for the city are cancelling, hotels, restaurants, and the people who depend on that for their living will be greatly hurt.  The fragile economy of West Baltimore is shattered, and it will take a decade to recover from that one night.

I will let you let know of anything of particular need, and appreciate your interest.

Please keep the situation in Baltimore in your prayers.  Pray that this will be a time for all of God’s people in and around Baltimore to rise up to the occasion, share the hope, peace and love our Lord Jesus Christ, and share the good news of the Gospel.

assemblyHUB will continue to monitor the situation and pass along to you  prayer requests and other information as the situation warrants.

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  1. Avatar

    I appreciate the unbiased reports. Of late, I have grown to mistrust most of what we get through the media. God bless those in your troubled area.
    Ron & Cecile


  2. Deb Bingham

    One of the businesses destroyed was a CVS drug store. An elderly woman, without a car, was weeping. Now she has no drug store in her area. Another man said the CVS was the only he could get diapers for his baby. A shoe store owner said all the shoes are gone and the place demolished inside. Many other businesses destroyed. On the bright side, a single mother became a national hero of sorts. She was filmed, after spotting her teen son in a crowd of hooded hoodlums, whacking him and shoving him home.


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