How We Do It: Golf and a Running Race

This feature highlights how different assemblies conduct assembly life and evangelism. The purpose is to encourage other assemblies to be creative in ways to reach in and reach out.  If you would like to share how your assembly is involved in various ways please send us a note to

An outreach golf tournament

Each year on the second Saturday of September the men at Thorold South Gospel chapel in Ontario host a men’s golf tournament. The day starts with a meal, usually a brunch, then a short gospel presentation, 18 holes of golf and prizes at the end. There are usually between 15 and 20 unsaved men out each year and they hear a clear gospel message.

This is an easy outreach event to plan because all that is required is to book a golf course, a speaker and send out some promotional materials.

A cross country running race

The assemblies in the Niagara region in Ontario hold an annual cross country 1 km and 5 km race.  After the race, before the prizes and results are given, there is a short gospel presentation. There are usually over 100 runners compete, many of which are not saved.



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    Excellent..I had been pushing this idea for a long time for asemblies to share successful outreach ideas…some won’t appeal to all but there wiil be always outreaches that someone will say. “we could or should try that” … there are enough people in our area where that possibly might work… i heard of an assembly in the Victoria BC area that had a plant sale/ garden show or something of that attracted lots of people in the spring of tha year…

    It would be great if you coul achive all of these ideas in one place on the website if people could continue to would be very valuable asset to have access to..Thanks


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