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How Loud Must My Savior Shout?

How Loud Must My Savior Shout?
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How many of us are tired of bumping into walls?
Of walking on the eggshells of life’s masquerade ball?
How many of us labour stacking brick upon brick,
Layering the mortar till the fallow’s nice and thick?
How many of us crouch with our heads hung in shame
Inside 4 walls of emptiness and quick to lay blame?
How shall we begin
To say goodbye to our sin
When those who will share in Glory
Are divided from within?
How often we betray our brothers with a Judas kiss;
We need to let honesty purge our dirty lips.
Unclean like Isaiah’s though they may be,
It takes only His touch to be returned holy.
But holiness comes with a purifying flame
So, holiness is not desired
And we continue our charade.

Aimlessly drifting through this masquerade ball,
Steps taken in unison with no direction at all.
Have we so easily forgotten the example of our King???
He who gave forgiveness while engulfed in the sting,
The sting of betrayal, of scoffing and grave pain,
The sting of Satan’s greatest effort to wound God in disdain.
Our King looked down on them with filtered love and grace,
Would we continue this behaviour if we looked upon His face?
How long will we continue in the Devils work?
How long will we neglect our greater purpose on this earth?

to stir my soul and spirit
For my walls to fall like Jericho so others may minister to it?
Are we not brothers and sisters in the Lord our Savior, Jesus Christ???
Are we not members of one body meant to function and show light?
Light cannot shine from within our 4 walls built up high;
We must allow our Lord to tear them down if we hope to one day shine!

It’s time that we remove the masks of bitterness and pain
And restore our fellowship to true worship once again!
Repair the broken pieces, be of one body and one mind
And lift up
Lift up
LIFT UP one another so our light can truly shine!

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect any other author or an official position of the assemblyHUB team.

C.J. Lindsey

C.J. is a homeschooling mom of 6 who enjoys writing poetry and singing as a hobby. She and her husband fellowship at Oakwood Bible Chapel in Windsor, Ontario.

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