Home School, Public School or Christian School?

The discussion surrounding how children should be taught has unfortunately caused division in the church. A few of our team with children chime in on their views.  It is important to remember that there is no biblical basis for demanding a specific form of schooling. It is a matter of conviction and should not be forced on others.

Sherri Jason, mom of 5

As much as I think there needs to be discussions by parents about schooling choices while the kids are still very young, or even before they are born, I believe there is a danger in deciding “we will be a home school family” or “we will be a public school family”.

It is great to weigh out the pros and cons of each type of education, including private school as well, but please don’t be so settled on one decision that you shut out the prompting of the Spirit as your child grows.

Each of our children are at different places in maturity, spiritually and  developmentally. They have specific needs and strengths.  Pray and ask the Lord each year what would be the best choice for each individual child.  You may find the Spirit prompting you to decide on one type of schooling for one child and another for the next child.

Remember, the education of our children is a necessary process of this world we live in.

However, eternal matters are of far more value than grades or knowledge.  Home school may be a great situation for really learning more about the Scriptures, but avoid allowing the child to view the Bible solely as a textbook or feeling more spiritual based on knowledge.

Public school may be a great situation for your evangelist child and to learn to stand up for faith in tough situations, but keep tabs on the spiritual pulse of your child, particularly if he/she is a people-pleaser.

Do I think you should send your child to school?  Do I think you should home school?  Do I think you should send your child to private school?

No.  I can’t tell you that you should do anything!  Only the Lord can lead you as you consider each year what situation would be best for each child in your family.  Pray, pray, pray and review often!

Scott Duncan, dad of 1

My wife and I have prayed over the subject of how we should school our children knowing that home schooling, private/Christian, and public school all have their advantages and disadvantages.  As of today we are leaning towards sending our daughter to public school, but we may change our minds in the future.  We are praying that she becomes a child of God and will make school not only for learning but to be used as a mission field.

Whatever schooling method we choose, we realize that training a child in the way he/she should go starts in the home with reading and living out the Word of God.  We also realize that the answer to properly train a child is not faith in a particular schooling system but rather faith in the Lord and solely relying upon Him for direction. My wife and I agree that our main desire for Ella is that she find the Savior and enjoy a relationship with Him for all eternity.

I also strongly believe that we as Christians should not judge each other on how someone else raises their children.  As parents we should try and spend large amounts of quality time with our children and be willing to LISTEN to what is on their mind.  They should see that we love them unconditionally and demonstrate how the Lord loves them even more!!!!

Mike Dilione, dad of 2

For those who are unaware, my wife and I are praying about serving the Lord overseas.  It seems the Lord has opened up an opportunity to serve Him in Jamaica.  Lord willing we will be moving there sometime in 2015.  Moving to a different country is a huge decision and I am thankful for the guidance our elders have given to us over the last couple years.

As we were praying about going they asked us to think and pray about decisions we would need to make if we moved.

One thing they mentioned was schooling.  Each time I have visited I asked about the school system.  Our options would be home schooling, government run school, and a private run school.  I also asked the locals for some advice.

After thinking and praying about it I thought it would be best to send our kids to a private school.  I know, expensive right!?  Actually a good private school in Jamaica will only run us about $300 for the year.

I thought sending them to a school would be best.  This would give us an open door to the school and the community.  And to be honest, I am not sure if myself or my wife would do a good job.

Whenever we ask ourselves, home-school, public school, or private school it often becomes selfish.

We want what’s best for our kids and we want to see our kids succeed.  We want to have a break and are happy sending them off.  There is nothing wrong with desiring these things but ultimately when we make the decision, we should be thinking about how this decision will bring honor and glory to God.



  1. Barefoot Hippie Girl

    I am on my 8th year of home schooling. I teach three of my four children. (my youngest is still too young) Though my husband and I were both home schooled, and home schooling seemed like the logical choice, besides what God was leading us to do, we still approach it year by year. We are not do or die home schoolers. While I know that academically I can teach my kids through high school, there may end up being other factors that will decide whether it happens or not. I think we need to hold our views with humility. There is no one right choice that encompasses all circumstances or families.


  2. Avatar

    I have the rare privilege of having been educated in public school, home-school and overseas Christian boarding school systems, alternatively. Neither system is perfect; I have fond memories along with some not-so-fond memories of each system. For me, the hardest transition was going from the happy atmosphere of a small overseas Christian school to the tougher climate of a large public school back home at the end of seventh grade. I would therefore caution parents to be sensitive and patient about how they transition their children as they may need to adapt slowly.


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