Anne Griffiths

He Knows, He Cares, He Loves

As I read through the messages in Revelation 2 and 3 to each church, sometimes I feel sorry for them, sometimes I feel envious. But I always wonder what they must have thought when they heard this message. It struck me though, that with each message, Christ says, “I Know”.

My four year old

I caught myself saying that to my four year old this week. He had had a very busy few days that ended up with late nights and early mornings and no naps. So it was no surprise when we started having emotional eruptions! While I believe it is important to discipline according to the circumstances, I also believe that we can never accept poor behavior or excuse it.

So, it was a hard afternoon for both of us. As I held him after one, he was crying, and I was cuddling him, I simply said over and over again, “I know. I know. I know.”

The things I know

What did I know? That he was tired. That he had had to say goodbye to someone special. That he hates change. That he couldn’t explain or likely even understand all of the emotions and needs swirling in his little body. “I know.”

I know that he doesn’t want to act like this. I know he loves me even when he acts hateful. I know that his little heart and body are strong, though right now he can’t seem to get them under control. “I know”.

Because I love

And why do I know? Well, I love this little man. I spend all day every day with him, teaching him, training him, studying him. I am close to him all the time. That is how I know.

In the same way, those words coming from the One Who Walks Among the Lampstands, reinforces His love, His presence, and His caring for His churches. “I know”. He knows the circumstances. He knows when we are tired and just holding on.

He knows. But He also cares enough to not excuse us and let us stay where we are. He will keep pushing and encouraging and disciplining. But He knows. Aren’t you glad that He knows?

Anne Griffiths
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