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There has been a lot of discussion among the assemblies about why we are not seeing as many people saved as in the past. I’m sure we could come up with dozens of reasons and many would be accurate.

One elder recently remarked how they had not seen anyone saved from the community in 14 years. That is not encouraging for the future of the local church.

Where has the witness gone?

One area that has been evident is the lack of personal witnessing. The finger is directly pointed at me. There seems in most assemblies and in many believers (not all) a fear to witness.

With this in mind, author and speaker Dr. John Lennox has written an excellent little book titled “Have No Fear”. He has appropriately subtitled it “Being Salt And Light Even When It’s Costly”.

For only $3.99 USD (or get 25 copies for $50 USD) and only 70 short pages, it’s worth giving to anyone who struggles with witnessing. https://www.10ofthose.com/us/products/3206/have-no-fear

Practical resources

Throughout the book, Lennox shares many tips and tools to help us be an effective witness. He tells personal stories that put these tools into perspective.

One of the things I enjoyed most was how Dr. Lennox weaved the power of the scriptures into our witnessing. His emphasis on using the Word of God and letting God do His work was very encouraging.

Asking questions

So often we become fearful when we feel we must have all the answers and to carry the conversation. As Dr. Lennox points out, one of the best methods he uses in witnessing is asking lots of questions.

Asking questions causes the person we are talking to, to think for themselves and to draw out conclusions. Here is a quote from Dr. Lennox.

I learned very quickly two things: firstly, that it is much easier to ask questions than to answer them; and secondly, that questions are a great way to get into conversation with people – whether friends or strangers – and to know them better.

Explaining the gospel

To close his book Dr. Lennox gives an explanation of the difference between Christianity and other religions and how to explain the essence of salvation.

It is fitting to finish this post with the closing words from the book.

There is nothing more fulfilling than seeing God working in the lives of those people to whom we are witnessing. Seeing them cross the line from darkness into light, from death to life, and subsequently demonstrating the reality of their conversion in their lives, is one of life’s richest experiences for a Christian. My prayer, as I come to the end of this little book, is that it may be your experience too.

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    I would like to comment that we need to GO TO THE PEOPLE and not expect them to walk into our church to be evangelized. In the past almost everyone went to some kind of church and had some basic knowledge about God, and it was easier to get protestant neighbours to come to church for a special meeting, but never RC church goers, or Jehovah Witnesses or Mormons etc. Today the Canadian cities have multi-cultural people who are Korean, Chinese, Muslim, Hindu. ….. Years ago we should have thought about how to reach the neighbourhood without inviting them to church to a foreign style of meeting. … This means 1.) ask HOW you can you develop a friendship with neighbours? ………….2.) How can you develop the friendship into a Bible reading? (TEACHING ENGLISH USING THE BIBLE MAY WORK FOR SOME) Once to develop a friendship to this point, THIS MUST BECOME A ONE ON ONE MEETING WITH A NON_BELIEVER NOT A GROUP MEETING of many believers and one non believer … or if another person goes thay do not talk……….( do not call it a Bible study but a Bible reading,and make it a directed discussion where you search for certain details in the reading) ……..a.) You ask who are the people and the details of the people ….b.) what are the details of the story? …( answer the details of each question before going into other questions) GIVE THEM THE VERSES to look up to be able to answer the question c.) depending on the text you may have to make many more questions to understand figures of speech and cover all the details………d.) what significance did this story have to the people of the time? e.)What is the moral of the story? ( there may be many) ….. DO NOT DRAW APPLICATIONS UNTIL YOU KNOW THE STORY LINE. f.) application MUST be true to Biblical doctrine ……… 3.) How can you follow up the contact on a weekly basis? Start out simple, IF THEY ARE INVOLVED THEY WILL LIKE IT AND WILL WANT TO REPEAT IT


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    Perhaps in the Brethren assemblies there hasn’t been many saved but in many other churches there are people coming to Christ in droves. I am currently seeing it first hand. I have opinions on why this is happening but I believe it is incredibly important to recognize that God IS AT WORK it just may not be in the same way we have “seen it done” in the past and until we can let go of the past and embrace how His Spirit is working today…we will hinder the power of the gospel and HIS WORK. The command from Jesus is the same – Go into all the world and make disciples. GO!


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