Experiences in Door to Door Evangelism: Part 1

The word evangelism brings with it many thoughts and methods where those who are exercised might bring it into effect. While the message of the gospel remains the same, the methods of communication may vary. Those in the dispersion (Acts 8:4) went and spoke the word everywhere they went. But we are not told how they presented it.

In each generation there have been different ways in which the gospel went out. There are many proven ways such as involvement in children’s work, youth ministries, camps, prisons, hospitals, retirement homes, open air preaching, radio, literature. The list is endless.

In this generation there are many new ways through modern technology reaching the masses of people across the world in a much shorter time. Young believers, don’t give up presenting the gospel to persons you will never meet. What a blessing in heaven seeing those saved by your exercise! The rewards are eternal!

Door to door outreach

The challenge was given me to write about my personal involvement in door to door outreach and share some experiences. Modern technology can sometimes be impersonal but door to door outreach is very personal and rewarding.

There are those who feel this is outdated and turns people off! In my experience, especially recently, nothing is further from the truth. I have been involved on both sides of the Atlantic for over 60 years. In the past two years the warmth of reception has never been better and people are still searching to find answers to life’s many problems.

To those who feel this is an outdated method, I challenge you to get out there into your community. Not only will the gospel be shared, but also your faith will be strengthened! At first I felt hesitant about writing this but if it encourages others it will be worthwhile.

Time is short and the opportunities will soon be over! Door to door visitation is still wide open and challenging.

Getting started

I am indebted to my dear Uncle Jim, now with the Lord, for taking me with him in giving out gospel tracts to homes even before I was saved. It was interesting to see how he interacted with the people he spoke to.

Later when I was saved at age 14 he encouraged me even more to go with him. He, along with a few others, had open air meetings in villages where we lived. The Lord was preparing me with a love that filled my heart to reach out to people with the gospel!

Taking a step of faith

At the age of 16 I first ventured out on my own in fear and trembling but excited just the same. What a memorable day it was. I entered up a driveway to a large house where I met an old woman (remember I was 16 and she, probably only 40, but looked old to me). When I approached her, I asked if she would like to receive a Gospel tract. She responded by saying, “No I don’t need that. Do you know who I am?” I said, “No.” To which she replied, “I am the daughter of a minister of the Church of Scotland. Also, when I get to heaven Peter is going to meet me and give me a warm welcome.”

Now here I am in my boldness replying, “Do you know what Jesus said, ‘Ye must be born again.’ (John 3:3)?” Well she got a little angry and told me, “How can I possibly be born again when I am old?”

Running from an old woman

Now I am right on target and replied to her, “Do you know there was a man in the Bible who said the same thing?” She lifted her garden rake and chased me half way down the driveway!

Then I thought to myself, “Why am I running away from an old woman?” So I stopped and faced her saying to her, “Do you know what the Bible says, ‘Ye must be born again?’” I can assure you, I ran the rest of the way out as she chased me.

However, when I got home I went to my room and cried and prayed for this woman who thought she was going to Heaven because she was a minister’s daughter. I was getting ready with a true passion for the gospel!

After all those years I still have a measure of fear going out each time but the excitement of doing it has never left me.

To be continued …

Jim Paul


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    Thanks for the encouragement, Jim. This has always been a challenge for me and, from what I observe, with most other Christians as well.


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    I to have spent a lot of my time in Australia on the eastern seaboard sharing the gospel door to door. I have always found it to be a wonderful way of making contact with people. Sometimes you only have one short opportunity, but other times you can return again and again. I was having meetings in Wallsend, Newcastle in the 80s, I met a man at the door who abused me right and proper. I shared it with the folks at the gospel hall where I was having meetings, and we prayed for him. Some time later I was again in the area doing some visitation, I knocked on his door rather sheepishly, he opened the door recognised me and immediately invited me in. With tears in his eyes at the kitchen table he applogised for his rudeness, his language etc, but told me how he had come to know the Lord a little while after. My door knock had been a link in the chain of his conversion.


  3. Jim Paul

    Thanks for your comment Graeme and this must have been a great encouragement to you. I am sure when you get to Heaven there will be others there because you cared enough to knock on their door!



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