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Everybody Love a Shepherd Testimonials

The following is the third part in Scott’s series on loving shepherds. Part 1: Everybody Love a Shepherd Challenge and part 2: How to Love Your Shepherds.

Below are some of the encouraging stories that I received after issuing the Everybody Love a Shepherd challenge.

“Scott – our pastor is also a full-time teacher at our local middle school. (My husband) and I recently purchased him a brand new smokin’ hot laptop computer. This was our gift to our wonderful pastor and hopefully a meaningful way to encourage him in all of his work efforts.”

Praise the Lord! What a privilege to be a part of someone’s work in this way, and to love them on behalf of their Savior!

“I bought my Pastor the Jesus story with the walnut sleeve and gave it to him wrapped up in some gold wrapping paper as a christmas gift!”

PTL! A gift to help a shepherd in your life get to know the Lord better and to spend time with Him. (I’m not familiar with this work but understand it’s a harmony of the gospels).

It is a privilege to share the following story that was sent in. Was hard not to cry reading it. From an elder of God’s people…..

“A lady from another town and another assembly and I were at a meeting awhile back. She knew and loved my wife as well as myself. I was telling her that over the last number of years that my wife has been with the Lord, the cleanliness of my house has gone down a little. I keep things picked up, but “deep cleaning” is a mystery to me. It is clearly not my gift. 🙂

I told her that I was thinking about hiring someone to come and clean for me. Without hesitation she said she would clean my house for me. I asked her how much, and she said she would prefer to do it out of love. Later we had the same conversation and I told her I did not feel comfortable having her do it without paying her something. She asked how long have I been an elder. I said somewhere around 30 years. She asked how much have I been paid for being an elder. I said nothing. She asked why do I do it. I said because I know this is what the Lord would have me do and I love the people of God. She said that is exactly why she would like to clean for me. She had talked with her husband and he was in agreement with her.

I leave the house while she is cleaning my house. When I came home after the first time she cleaned, I wept. I felt my wife. The house felt like it did while my dear wife was alive. My wife was very clean. I am her opposite. This came at a very sensitive time. Just before this I had been somewhat discouraged about not having my wife here, and thinking I had been forgotten by people. Our Lord is good. His grace is so wonderful.”

Praise the Lord! What a great example of how the Lord loves us through His dear people. Lord help us on to LOVE, HONOR, and SUPPORT the shepherds around us!!

Scott DeGroff

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    Scott, these are all wonderful stories. But I don’t know that they are wonderful because of people loving their “shepherds,” as much as they are wonderful because the people of God saw needs in the lives of their brethren, and responded as agents of the Lord.


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