“Go and make disciples, teaching them to obey what I commanded” Matthew 28

I was visiting a church website and this caught my attention: “EAT. PRAY. STUDY. LOVE.” I really like this. Yes, there are a few extra things that still need to happen as a church but this foundation is very healthy.

Where is our focus?

So often we focus on meetings and programs that we forget the fact that we are a family and we are on the same journey towards Heaven.

Here are some ways I believe we can accomplish this.

  1. Committed hospitality. Not just a couple of times a year but EVERY week. Inviting people to share life with us on a regular basis. It doesn’t have to be a complicated meal. Just getting together in casual situations and growing as friends.
  2. Stretching beyond our friends. Hanging out and connecting with people who “fit our style” is easy. To be a true loving fellowship we need to reach others who are part of the same body of Christ.
  3. Making it spiritual. So often we talk about the weather, sports, vacations, work, kids and we forget to talk about Jesus and the Word. Our conversations should be saturated with discussions of the Lord.
  4. Sacrificing with service. We talk a lot about serving others and we should, as it’s a major theme in the NT. How do we sacrificially serve? By going out of our way when it’s not convenient. When we are tired or busy or just not feeling up to it.
  5. Everyday living. I like that the first item on their list is to EAT. The very first description of the church in Acts 2 included eating together. There’s something special and intimate about sharing food and talking.

How many more?

There could be hundreds of other ways to implement the fellowship of a church family. These are just a few to think over and discuss.

Let’s be the church instead of just doing church. I believe it will make a huge impact on our assemblies for the better.

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