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Does God Drive a Hyundai?

Does God Drive a Hyundai?

Obviously the title of this article is a joke.  🙂  But the rest of this article is a personal testimony to answered prayer.  My husband Chris and I were told recently that our mini-van is at the end of its life and that we should make plans to purchase another vehicle within the next few months.  So apparently Chris took that to heart and the very next day, I received an email from him with a link to a used 2013 Hyundai Tuscon with 31,000 km on it.

Now before I go on, please understand that we are not car people.  And we definitely aren’t expensive car people. We are “get from point A to point B safely” people.  We have had various kinds of cars, especially mini-vans, over the years and I don’t particularly feel any loyalty to any make or model.

Chris, on the other hand, has purchased 2 Hyundai Elantras and we have never really had any major problems with them.  In addition, the dealership has always been super friendly and helpful and fair. So he wanted to go back there.

The Test Drive

Long story short, we went and I test drove the Tuscon (this will be “my” vehicle, so I did the driving) and then learned that the Santa Fe Sport was a bit roomier inside.  There was a used one there and after driving the Santa Fe, I declared it a much nicer ride and much roomier for my ever-growing-like-weeds teens.  This was a big step though, as it is a big downsize from a van.  However, we find that we are all rarely in a vehicle together at once these days, and this vehicle had ample trunk space (for lots of groceries), so it seemed like a possible fit.

When we left, we prayed that the Lord would show us if this would be the right purchase for us and that if there was something better than this that He had in mind, that He would bring it to our attention within the next couple of days.  We looked over some financials and considered purchasing another company’s vehicle, but I personally was not sensing any conviction either way.  Neither was Chris. He actually asked me, “Well do you at least have a gut feeling?”, because I usually do and -ahem- it’s usually right 🙂  (I will pause here to admit that I often am unsure of whether it is a gut feeling or the Holy Spirit.  I’m hoping as I grow that I will be able to discern that much better!)

Changing the question

We had made plans to come back tonight to possibly purchase the Santa Fe, but it was feeling strange this morning that I felt no conviction about it.  So I decided to pray on my way to work.  Just a simple prayer.  I realized I had been asking the Lord to show us if this was a mistake.  So I said, “Lord, if you aren’t showing me if it’s a mistake, maybe let me know if it’s the right choice.”   I pulled up to the red light.  And a Sante Fe Sport pulled up next to me.  I laughed.

I wondered to myself the same thing you may be thinking.  “Is this a coincidence or the Lord?”  I drove on to work and didn’t think about it again.

Well, I didn’t think about it again until lunchtime, when my co-worker said she needed to run to the store.  When she pulled back into the parking lot, I noticed she wasn’t driving her regular vehicle.  But the vehicle she was driving looked nice.  When she came inside, I said, “That’s not your normal car, is it?” She said, “No, we are using a rental right now.  That’s a Santa Fe Sport.  It’s a great car. Very nice.”

Oh really?  I told her we were thinking of purchasing one and she told me that her parents had owned one for years and loved it. I really couldn’t deny at that point that the Lord had been interested in my prayer about showing me if the Santa Fe is the right purchase.  I said a Thank You Lord! in my mind and kept working.

And the answer continued…

When Chris got home from work, I told my story at the supper table.  When I was done, he said, “Now can I tell mine?  I was talking with a patient today who was talking about his car and how much he liked it.  I asked him what he drove.  He said, ‘A Santa Fe.'”

For many of you reading, maybe you can’t get excited about a Hyundai, or you don’t need such confirmation to make purchases.  And that is totally ok.  For others, maybe you can’t really see how this could be the Lord communicating to me/us.  But I can, and we drove tonight to purchase that vehicle, and I had complete faith that this is the one we were meant to purchase.

A personal God

If this car is a fantastic purchase, the Lord is to be praised.  If this car is a lemon and keeps breaking down, He is to be praised because we can be assured that His plan is to grow us.  (I would much prefer the former to the latter!)  But most of all, I’m super thankful that He is a God who cares about the details, and I wonder if I’m missing answers because I’m not looking with eyes of faith or asking the right questions. But it sure is nice when they drive up right next to me.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect any other author or an official position of the assemblyHUB team.

3 Responses to Does God Drive a Hyundai?

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    What a great article. Thanks Sherri. I love that the journey is real and not always “Then God spake unto us!” Sometimes we don’t get it right away. A real encouragement. I smiled the whole way through.

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    Jim Paul

    Hi Sherri

    A good article and I can testify time after time how God is so able to make his will known in the everyday circumstances of life. It is so special the peace He gives when the right decision has to be made. When that is not there or you have an uncertain feeling about it, best left alone or wait for He has something better ahead for you. This can apply to the many decisions we have to make on a regular basis!

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    Hey Sherri and Chris.

    We all know about the jokes such as “They came to the Ford in the river,” or, “They were all in one Accord.” But I am really happy for you that the Lord is interested enough in such little insignificant people that He leads us to the vehicle of His choice. Perhaps when it is old and falling apart, we can put indoor-outdoor carpet on it to hold it together! Many mile for His glory!


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