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Can We Break Bread More than on Sundays?

Do you ever wonder if we are going to run out of ‘special days’ in the year? It’s amazing how many new ‘special days’ we come up with, isn’t it? Well, it’s worse that you think! Did you know that September was Honey Month (to promote bee keeping), and….there is not one day in September that is not a ‘special’ day!

Some are just foolish, as in “Talk Like a Pirate Day” (19th.), “Be Late For Something Day” (5th.) and “Lazy Mother’s Day” (2nd.) But others like “Suicide Prevention Day” (10th) are far more serious, of course.

Why special days?

But why do we have special days? No doubt there a various reasons, but one of the main ones is simply to remember – to be reminded of a significant event. Some are usually happy events, such as birthdays or anniversaries, whilst other are more sad; but all, we feel, are important events that are to be marked and remembered.

Remember, remember

Every year at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month veterans of various wars, and many others, gather around a host of war memorials around the world, to remember those who gave their lives to gain freedom for their families and fellow countrymen.

We owe our very liberty to those who fought and sacrificed their lives. Many, many were the heroes and heroines.  Even if we weren’t even born during those days, how can we forget those great sacrifices? So important is it to remember that we set up specific memorial services to held at regular times.

Our special day

As Christians we have been given a much more and very, very important event to remember, haven’t we? One that not only gave us freedom for this time but everlasting peace and joy for all of eternity!

How often should we remember the Lord Jesus Christ, the One who gave so very much for us? How often can we? When we consider the enormity of what One Man, God the Son, did for us, how can we not be lost in ‘wonder, love and praise’? Why would we not want to praise and worship Him often?

Day and Night

In the Revelation of Jesus Christ we’re told of ‘four living creatures, who do not rest day or night, saying: “Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty, Who was and is and is to come!”  Could it be that when we are free from the distractions, demands and deadliness of this old world that we too will want praise Him day and night?

Is it unimaginable that there would be restrictions on these four living creatures to worship the Lord – I speak as a fool. How could there be?

When should we break bread?

The Word of God doesn’t tell us ‘how often’, but it does give us some helpful guidelines.

  • It is only for believers
  • It is only for believers who are walking in fellowship with the Lord
  • It is “when you come together”, with other believers.
  • It is to be used with the symbols of bread to speak of His broken body and wine to speak of His shed blood.

We would all agree that remembering the Lord is an ordinance to be a part of the function of the local assembly, but can it be practiced at other times? For example, could a family take time to remember the Lord? Could a couple? Should a housebound believer be deprived of this precious time?

The enemy tries to distract

There are no written restrictions on how often we can remember the Lord! However the wise believer will readily acknowledge that, unlike the four living creatures, we are not in heaven free from the distractions, demands and deadness of this old world.

We are in vicious spiritual warfare, we battle the world, the flesh and the devil. He will do all that he can take away the joy of gathering together to remember the Lord where the Holy Spirit Himself leads the worship.

How often?

So…what is the answer to the question; How often can we remember the Lord? The answer is very simple; Often! I have had the joy of remembering the Lord on other occasions other than Sunday. It is an excellent way to keep bringing back the focus on the Lord.

Ray Jones


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    What a joy to know others see that we can remember The Lord on other Days than just Sundays. and more than one time a day. I have had the privilege of seeing men from several different kinds of Churches visit the sick and break bread with them where they were at (hospitals, homes, prisons, etc). By all means that’s what they did in Acts 2 from house to house daily (and for other obvious reasons found there) . But as I got to the end of the article, a very trying time in my younger Christian life flashed before my eyes mind. When NEEDING answers as a young man trying to ground his feet in the Word of God, many questions answered like this would throw me for a loop and confuse me. “How often can we remember the Lord? The answer is very simple; Often!” That will totally confuse a new believer. “Ugh but, just exactly what is “often”? In my own words here, dear brother, “you left me hanging”. I ran across these kinds of questions with hanging or incomplete answers, many times because nobody took the time to disciple me (or just didn’t know how to disciple or didn’t see the need to disciple, I’m not judging-i just never got discipled)) . Therefore, God had to challenge me to study it myself and with His Holy Spirits help to understand it. So can you please bring us back from being left hanging out to dry
    on what does, “as often” means? Please?


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