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Book Review: Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus

Book Review:  Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus
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Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus by Nabeel Qureshi is a fascinating autobiographical account of a young devout Muslim man who was raised to have a deep reverence and love for Allah.  Steeped in Islam, his family was very religious and very loving. The book describes in detail his conversion from Islam to Christianity. But not only to Christianity as a religion.  To Jesus.

Throughout the book, I learned so much about Islam and the perceptions that Muslims have of Christianity and Christians.  And I also learned that my perception of Islam, based on Western media, is also skewed. Reading this book helped me develop a basic level of understanding of those who follow Islam and also to view Muslims as individuals, rather than just proponents of the dangerous system of Islam.

The book is an intense mix of apologetics, displayed through a great friendship between Qureshi and his Christian best friend in university, and the emotions of a man who went from trying to disprove Christianity to sincerely seeking Truth.

For those who enjoy debate and would enjoy reading arguments supporting the deity of Christ, the crucifixion and the resurrection, you won’t be disappointed.  For those who enjoy reading the thoughts and struggles of the author, similar to a journalistic style, you won’t be disappointed either.

Once I could see that God was capturing Nabeel’s heart, I honestly could not put the book down. I stayed up half the night to finish the book.  The heart-wrenching cries of his heart to Allah, asking for guidance and truth, his pleas to God to show him the right way was just captivating.  The amazing grace of the Lord to grant him detailed dreams and signs in order to find his way to the cross really touched my heart.  By the time Nabeel came to the realization that he needed Jesus and would follow him no matter the cost, my heart was burning within me with excitement and I couldn’t help but praise the Lord!

When I picked this book up, I was expecting boring facts.  When I put this book down, my heart was bursting.

I highly recommend this book!

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Sherri Jason

Sherri and her husband Chris are in happy fellowship at Rolling Meadows Bible Chapel in Ontario, Canada.  She is involved in serving as an elder’s wife in various areas and particularly enjoys being involved in music ministry and working alongside the other believers in her assembly.  Along with raising their five children, she stays busy with assemblyHUB and other ministries.


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