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Book Review: Lessons From a Sheep Dog

Book Review: Lessons From a Sheep Dog

lessons-from-a-sheep-dog2Lessons From A Sheep Dog by Phillip Keller is an easy-to-read, inspiring and challenging little book. Keller recounts the true story of a sheep dog, called Lass, that had been written off and neglected yet found hope, security and a prominent place on Keller’s farm.  The once rejected dog had found a home where she was loved and respected.

Keller in his warm and heartfelt way relates the experiences of Lass to our lives as Christians and how the Lord often deals in love and kindness with us.  At just 96 pages this is a short read and will encourage you to consider your relationship with the Lord.

For those who are elders this book is especially helpful as Keller brings out some key aspects of shepherding that relate directly to the church and elders. I encourage all elders to give this a read and put into practice the truths of shepherding that Keller brings out.

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Crawford Paul

Crawford is an elder at Rolling Meadows Bible Chapel in Ontario and has a passion for the assemblies. He and his wife Beth serve in various ways within the assembly to build up and encourage the believers. He is president of Legacy Ministries Canada, an organization focused on helping individual Christians, local churches and Christian organizations with financial, legal and governance matters. Check it out at legacycanada.org

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    Highly recommend this book along with Phillip Keller’s ‘A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23’.

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