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Book Review: Finally Free

Book Review: Finally Free

Heath Lambert aims to remind us of the dangers of pornography in his very concise, and biblically rich book Finally Free.  Heath is an associate pastor of Biblical Counselling at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and has had decades of counselling those who have felt this struggle.

Personal experience

Heath writes from an extremely personal standpoint, in which he shares his own experiences not only with mentoring others who have had serious addictions to pornography, but also tracing God’s hand in his own life and battle with this form of sexual immorality.  Heath uses dynamic stories of men and women he has counselled whose lives have been train-wrecked by pornography addiction.

Through this book Heath does not simply provide a “how to” solution of how to ditch your porn addiction, but he presents us with an extremely balanced view of the source of this addiction, and what really causes us to pursue sexual immorality rather than holiness and purity.

The power of grace

Heath begins in the first chapter emphasizing the foundation for the fight against pornography, grace. It is the forgiving grace of God, and the transforming grace of God that lays the foundation for all progression of holiness (or sanctification) in our lives.

Heath emphasizes the importance of recognizing God’s forgiveness of our sinful tendencies and lust. It is only when we can grasp the truth of His forgiving grace in Christ Jesus that we can really turn away from this sin.

You are not the only one

This is important to realize, especially since it seems like this addiction is rarely spoken about in Church!  It is so easy to be stuck in a rut of thinking that you are the only one, and that your sin is particularly heinous. This paralyzes you as a Christian, and renders you ineffective to spread the gospel of grace.

As we really appropriate God’s FORGIVING grace in Christ Jesus (Colossians 2:13-14), we will be in a position to begin applying God’s transforming grace in our lives, to change us inside out, that we would turn away from sin and pursue holiness toward God through Christ Jesus  (Romans 6:4).

The battle for purity

The subsequent chapters hone in on different areas that need to be addressed and that need to be included in the battle for purity, and to have a life characterized by obedience and delight in the Lord Jesus Christ. Heath unpacks the differences between Godly sorrow that produces repentance and worldly sorrow that brings forth death (2 Corinthians 7:8-11).

He explains how to foster Godly sorrow, and the thought life that precedes sorrow that leads to repentance. Heath shows that worldly sorrow is selfish, and only looks out for its own reputation.

The need for accountability

Heath continues on in following chapters highlighting the importance of accountability, radical measures, and confession in the fight for purity. He notes several common mistakes he has come across in counselling that render the previously mentioned strategies to be less effective. Heath finishes off the second half of the book speaking about how we can use our spouses (or our singleness) to fight the lust or addiction of pornography.

Attitudes to develop

We are also reminded of humility and gratitude, attitudes that we ought to foster. These are attitudes however, that can only be fostered when we have a right view of who we are in ourselves (wretched, fallen, depraved), and when we have a right view of who God is (all powerful, just, and loving), and the salvation that God has affected through what the Lord Jesus Christ has done for us.

Only with the gospel of the grace of God permeating our every thought and move can we truly exemplify humility, and gratitude.  Heath ends off with a call to holiness, and a call to hope.  This call to holiness would be empty without fully understanding and realizing the power given to us in the knowledge of the gospel to fulfil a holy life.

He strongly challenges the reader to flee from sexual immorality and be set apart to Gods will and purpose (1 Thessalonians 4:3), but makes it abundantly clear that the power for this is not within our own efforts, but it is God who will affect this change (1 Thessalonians 5:23-24).

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Joseph Guirguis

Joseph Guirguis was born in Toronto and raised in Ajax, Ontario. He is in fellowship at Rossland Ridge Bible Chapel in Ajax. Although raised in a Christian family, he came to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus in his mid-late teens, and acknowledges his unending need of God’s grace since that time. His great desire is to serve his brothers and sisters in the Church.

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