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Barriers to the Gospel: Part 4

Barriers to the Gospel: Part 4
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“I have plenty of time to think about it”

We’re living in a very busy world where most attention is placed on the here and now.  People’s lives are taken up by things around them without any thought of the future ahead. Much preparation is centered around present needs regarding the body but no real time is given to the needs of the soul.

We can urge them to consider the brevity of life and the certainty of eternity! I’ve enjoyed many encounters with individual and left them to ponder over where they will be in eternity.

“It is too simple to believe”

This is very common because people are brought up accepting that the way to Heaven is by doing something to please God. What you basically do in witnessing is to remove all barriers they put up in defense of their position and this is usually their last line of Defense.

One dear lady asked me how she could know if she repented of her sins and put her trust in the Lord Jesus that she would be saved?  I told her, “I cannot answer that question. You will not know you are saved unless you believe and do it. The smile on her face and the assurance in her heart came immediately.”

She became a great witness to her family until the Lord called her home. One dear friend of mine in Scotland was Archie, an atheist and communist, who struggled to believe over many conversations I had with him.

I had the joy of leading him and his wife to the Lord on the same night. His first words to me afterwards was, “That was so hard to get, I just could not believe how simple it was.”  They too saw some of their family members saved and are both are now with the Lord.

Things to consider approaching a door

When approaching the door always be respectful of people’s property. Do not take shortcuts over their lawns and keep to the sidewalk and driveway. It is good to team up with someone but it’s better to do each door separately. This way they do not associate you with the cults and do not feel threatened by being outnumbered.

It is also good to have your companion within close contact in case you need any further help. Signs on the door like beware of the Dog means what it says, beware. Others say no soliciting, religious material or junk mail. This is their choice and should be respected.

Conversation at the door

When a person opens the door, always identify who you are by your first name, the church where you are from and the purpose of your visit. Most who come to the door are friendly but don’t be concerned if they say no to you. Always thank them for their time and I usually say, “Well maybe next time round” and this leaves it open to go again.

In the present moral climate I always refuse an invitation to go in and speak to them unless they are a couple but not a single person male or female. Have a good chat but keep on the outside! Keep yourself calm no matter the response and never get into an argument.

Honesty is important

If they ask a question and you don’t know the answer don’t bluff it. Be honest and tell them you will get an answer for them. You could get their email or make plans to return. Never criticize another person’s church or religion. I usually tell them that it’s good someone goes to church and I ask them if they now the Saviour?

This often opens up a good conversation!  Be prepared to listen and you will get a good understanding where they are coming from. This also gives you time to know how to answer them. Just a few pointers along the way!

Be ready to take notes

It is good for you to carry in your pocket a notebook and pen (or use your phone) to take down any information that may be relevant to the visit and for future contact. I suggest you do it away from their house and it helps to pray specifically for them. However you can take down information of names, addresses etc. provided you get their consent.

If there is something you feel you need further help on contact assemblyHUB and you can get my email address. This is my conclusion to the articles. It is by no means exhaustive on the subject but hopefully this has been helpful from my own personal experience.  Once again I urge you, do not be afraid take up the challenge and the Lord will be with you in it. I am with you always, even unto the end of the age. Matthew 28:20

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect any other author or an official position of the assemblyHUB team.

Jim Paul

Jim was commended to the Lord’s work from Scotland in 1981 and has served in NewFoundLand and Ontario preaching and teaching. He is an evangelist who loves sharing the gospel and has led many to the Lord. His burden is to see others take up the great commission and win souls for Christ.

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