assemblyHUB Survey: The Lord’s Supper

This month’s survey asks some questions around the subject of the Lord’s Supper.  These questions are meant to give us a general understanding of how your assembly handles this important meeting of the church.   Please fill this out and comment as you see fit.

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    A cup of wine and a loaf of bread. Brethren (men), as led by the Lord audibly offer praise, worship and thanksgiving. Inaudible praise, worship and thanksgiving from the sisters and all others also flows. Hymns to are sung accapella as called by the brethren. Thanks for the loaf, the emblem of His body that was given for us and the wine, the emblem of His blood shed for us is given as well. All who are known to be in happy fellowship partake of both in remembrance of Him. In doing so we honor His request to be remembered and His death declared.


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