assemblyHUB is a Registered Non-profit – Why?

When we launched assemblyHUB on October 1 last year, the team had no idea where this burden would lead us. We prayed it would be of value to the assemblies and that we could encourage, strengthen and build up the fellowships across North America and around the world.  We didn’t expect the outpouring of support we received and we thank all who shared with us what assemblyHUB has meant to them in such a short time.

We have had a number of people ask how they can help and give financially to the ministry.  With this in view we started the process of becoming a registered non-profit organization in the US and Canada.

A few weeks ago assemblyHUB became a registered 501 (C)(3) non-profit charity called assemblyHUB Ministries in the United States and we are still pursuing registration in Canada. We look to the Lord to provide for the needs of the ministry and this will allow us to give tax receipts (in the US only for now, Canada to follow) to those who help with the expenses.

Here is a summary of the ministry goals as it stands now. We recognize that the Lord is at work and He may move us into new areas to accomplish His will.

What We Offer

assemblyHUB Ministries will offer a variety of resources primarily for assemblies in North America. Because of the global nature of the Internet some resources will be of interest to assemblies outside of North America.

  1. assemblyHUB will maintain its website as an ongoing repository of teaching relating to assembly life and Christian living. This will be delivered entirely in digital format.  See the content goals below for more information.
  2. assemblyHUB will also be responsible for maintaining Why We Web ( which is devoted to helping families and assemblies with their usage of the internet and modern technology. We feel this is an area much needed with the rise of pornography and social media.
  3. assemblyHUB conferences and special events. Throughout the year we will be developing special events relating to assembly life and teaching. These may be topic specific or generic based on the needs of the area involved. We also plan to partner with other ministries to host these events.
  4. Based on the teaching of the main assemblyHUB website we will be collating articles into book format for publishing.

assemblyHUB Website Content Goals

The purpose of the blog is to build up and challenge assemblies to consider the principles of the NT and how they can be applied to assembly and personal life. The focus will be on positive teaching and exhortation. Under no circumstance will we post negative stories, situations or events that will discourage believers. No content will be used to attack others personally. While there might be opposing views presented, the articles will be written in a way that promotes unity and consideration of others.

A Plan to Succeed

We are proposing our ministry be established on these principles.

  1. A board of directors who are in fellowship in brethren assemblies. An initial board has already been established with 6 assembly Christians from the USA and Canada.
    1. Please check out our team page to see a list of board members.
  2. A paid executive director to run the ministry. His/Her responsibilities would include the day to day operation of the ministry and promote it among the assemblies.
  3. A sustainable marketing budget to allow for the ministry to grow.
  4. Program Costs – assemblyHUB website and social media platforms.
  5. Administration costs.
  6. Conference costs – in order to host events that will benefit the assemblies.
  7. Publishing costs for booklets, devotionals and books.

Please prayerfully consider if you can make a contribution to the ministry. We want this to grow only as the Lord leads. Above all we covet your prayers so that we can be a benefit to assemblies and build them up in the things of the Lord.

If you would like to support the ministry please visit the support page.


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    “There will be abundant supply for all needs in the Lord’s work if Christians recognize their privilege and rise to their responsibility according to the precepts of God’s Word. Importune solicitation, burdensome exactions, worldly expedients and elaborate financial organization, all will then be unnecessary. Such methods call down the just reproach of the world upon the church as a money-making concern.”
    — A.G. Clarke, Church Doctrine and Practice

    “Publication of needs and appeals for support have no Scriptural sanction and no apostolic precedent … The servant of Christ who forsakes the path of complete dependence on God, of making his needs known to Him alone, loses the independence of man which is his priceless heritage, Psa. 118.8,9, and robs himself of the joy and confidence that comes from knowing that God has heard and answered his petition and has Himself provided for him. Those who walk in the path of faith will likely have to settle for a much lower income here, but there will be recognition and reward in a coming day.”
    — H.G. Mackay, Assembly Distinctives


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