Are You Living A Performance-Driven Faith?

I have a thought that I wanted to share because I think it might bless some of you and it might be a reminder for others.

I was thinking in my mind lately, “Wow, God put me in this place in my life and it’s just so perfect for where I see my life going in the next couple years. But I haven’t been as faithful a servant or as disciplined a Christian lately. I don’t deserve His blessings” and I thought instantly, I need to work harder on being a better Christian.

Performance based living

I know these thoughts are so common to run through our minds because it’s our human nature to think in terms of performance equaling reward. It’s common in our lives to see people interact this way with each other and in our workplaces and school.

The problem with thinking this way is that it turns my faith into a works-based system. That if I pleased God enough, I could earn His favour. The truth is I will never please God through my works.

It’s all about Christ

Christianity is not a works-based faith, it’s a Christ-based faith. This is a liberating truth because I don’t need to strive for perfection all the time. I don’t need to keep track of the good I’ve done.

Christ pleased God for me so that I can please God in Christ. Nothing I do will give me this result. Not in the past, not now, and not ever. I was actually taking the glory from what Christ did on the cross for me in thinking that what I do should make me deserving of God’s blessings.

The only way I can receive God’s favour, is through Christ, not through my works. I can NEVER earn God’s favour because I am inherently sinful and fallen. BUT through Christ’s sacrifice, God sees Christ when He looks at me.

His infinite grace

It’s in these moments that I praise God for reminding me of this truth during my thoughts. I can rejoice in His grace towards me because I know that all the good things that have happened in my life I have not personally deserved but God has, by His grace, permitted me to experience them firsthand. 💗

Just a note: being a Christian doesn’t promise a perfect and pain-free life. On the contrary, the Bible tells us that suffering WILL come, it’s inevitable. But in my moments of suffering, I can still glory in Christ and I will still find reasons to praise God.

Ann Hanna


  1. Bernadette Veenstra

    Bernadette Veenstra

    I love this. And it is a lesson that it took me years to learn. And I still have to be reminded of it on a regular basis. Grace, so much grace. Praise the Lord!


  2. Avatar

    Good article Ann! The time should come when:
    A) We all realize that we can’t ‘perform’ spiritually unless it is in His power
    B) We realize that we can’t even live the Christian life at all; it MUST be the very life of Christ being lived through us by Him. That is where perfect rest is!


  3. Avatar

    Amen Bernadette! Still learning this daily! It’s so easy for us to think in this way because of our natural way of thinking but our salvation was anything but natural and praise God indeed for this!!


  4. Avatar

    That’s very true Ray! The Father will not be more pleased with us by our works (our works will be the evidence of our faith to others) but God is already pleased to the max. Not because of us or anything we’ve done, but because of His Son, Jesus Christ. Amazing.
    And yes, The time will come when we realize these things but other times will come when we forget them too. And we just have to keep going back to the Word and remind ourselves of the core of the gospel. Although we may know the gospel truth inside-out it’s still very easy for us to fall into works-based thinking. God bless you Ray!


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