Are Contemporary Preachers Making Mistakes in the Western Church?

Lately, I have been reading a book called “He is Not Silent: Preaching in a Postmodern World.” In the forward, R. Albert Mohler Jr. gives his diagnosis of what is wrong with postmodern Christian culture today, or more specifically, the mistakes some contemporary preachers are making in the pulpits of the Western church.

Among other things, Mohler sees our reliance and infatuation with technology as part of the problem. I have posted a few excerpts here for your consideration and discussion…  

Contemporary preaching suffers from an infatuation with technology 

Mohler, and others, think using technology while we are preaching, i.e. using film clips, images, dynamic graphics, and other ‘eye-catching’ technologies to gain and hold the congregation’s attention are eroding the power and effect of the Word of God on the hearts of the hearers. 

Rather he thinks “the power of the Word of God, spoken through the human voice, is seen in the Bible’s unique power to penetrate all dimensions of the human personality.

As God made clear, even in the Ten Commandments, He has chosen to be heard and not seen. The use of visual technologies threatens to confuse this basic fact of biblical faith.” 

Dr. Mohler observes and interprets other problems with the contemporary church, six to be exact, but for the purpose of focussed discussion, I have listed only one. 

What do you think?

Do you agree with Mohler’s assessment? Is he right, or a little bit right in his diagnosis? Or is he wrong, or at least partly wrong in his assessment? 

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Shane Johnson


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    I think technology for its own sake is a distraction, but if used by the power of the Holy Spirit to bring clarity to the truth, then the Lord can bless it. Our Lord’s messages had many visual aids, he pointed to the harvest, to children, to the loaves and fishes, the coin in the mouth of the fish Peter caught, and many more. We have been using visual illustrations with children for generations to God’s glory, remember those flannel graphs and chalk talks? Moses was sent to Pharoah with compelling visuals of God’s power. God commanded Ezekiel to provide some very striking illustrations of the truth.


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    I’ve only read the first comment, of course, but I think he absolutely right! Power points can be very useful when teaching on certain subjects, but as Ron said, ‘it needs be directed by the Holy Spirit’. An open bible and paying careful attention to what is being said will, I believe, usually be more effective.


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    What the use of power point presentations has done is to leave one’s Bible at home also most times far too much information is posted.


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