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A Prenuptial Agreement For Your Marriage

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal noted an increase in prenuptial (“prenup”) agreements within the Orthodox Jewish community.  These agreements, which are prepared prior to a wedding in anticipation of the potential for divorce, have become more common.  Perhaps what was considered newsworthy by the Journal in this case was the acceptance of these agreements within a highly “religious” group of people.

Christians should have a prenup

It might surprise you to learn that my wife and I had a prenup agreement.  But ours was very different from those crafted in our society today, and was much simpler.  Our prenup agreement was simply this—we agreed to never consider divorce as an option.  In fact, we agreed that we would never even joke about divorce (after all, why would one make a joke out of something that God hates?).

The tests of marriage

That agreement was quickly put to the test, as the early years of our marriage were extremely difficult.  Neither of us came from a Christian upbringing and both of us came to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ after finishing college.  As such we brought a lot of “baggage” into our marriage.  The temptation to “bail out” probably crossed both of our minds on multiple occasions during the early years of our marriage.

The fixer of broken lives

But because of our prenup agreement, we stayed together through those hard times.  The commitment we made to each other in the sight of our Lord not only kept us together, but gave us the incredible blessing of seeing how He can take broken lives and form a marriage that glorifies Him and brings joy and blessing to us!  So now, looking back after 33 years of marriage, we are very grateful for the prenup agreement we made.

A glorious promise

But consider this–as the church, we are the bride of Christ.  What a blessing to consider that our Bridegroom has given us something far better than any earthly prenup—He has given us His very word that He will never leave us or forsake us (Hebrews 13:5)!

Carl Foresti

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    We, also made that agreement. I was an established bachelor and my wife, older than most girls I had dated. She came from a conservative Christian background, the eldest girl in a family with eight siblings.
    I am the youngest child, with two older sisters and with little parental spiritual guidance. We children went to church, but one which did not separate grace from works, getting saved while in the military.
    We struggled financially most of our marriage, which has somehow produced four God-fearing children. Wanting to always be ready to move to God’s direction, we never set down permanent roots, moving 16 times in 40 years. The last eleven years has presented new challenges of home ownership,with a tenant relationship with our oldest daughter and her three children.
    In all this, God has been there to help us honor our “pre-nup” to never even utter the “D” word.


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