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2 Thumbs Up…What My Assembly is Doing Well

2 Thumbs Up…What My Assembly is Doing Well
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Have you noticed that it is always easier to find something to complain about, than it is to find something to praise?

These “what my assembly is doing well” articles are not to brag, or to puff ourselves up. It is just so easy to focus on the negative and what needs changed that we can lose sight of why we’ve chosen (out of all the multitudes of churches we could attend) to be in fellowship at a New Testament type assembly.

Thus, we take time to reflect on what is positive, where we’ve grown, how God is getting glory through our local assembly.

Here are some responses from you, our readers…

My name is Hannah Henning and I fellowship at Carriage Hill Bible Chapel in Lansing, MI.

I think my assembly is really good at listening to different points of view, and even holding different points of view, without arguing about it.

My name is Laura Chinn and I’m in fellowship at Rockville Bible Fellowship in Maryland.

I think my assembly is really good at giving generously, both individually and corporately.

My name is Israel Montes and I’m in fellowship at Ponferrada Evangelical Church (In the North west of Spain).

I think my assembly is really good at Using New Technologies in preaching and evangelism.

My name is Bethany Bjorlie and I’m in fellowship at Grace and Truth Christian Fellowship, Grand Rapids, MI.

I think my assembly is really good at sharing a common vision to love the neighbors local to our building.

My name is Dervin Witmer, I’m in fellowship at Grace Bible Chapel in Cassopolis, MI.

I feel our assembly is really good at showing hospitality to each other and those in our community.

My name is David Thomas, I’m in fellowship at Wheatland Bible Chapel, in Texas.

I feel our assembly is really great at teaching sound doctrine.

My name is John Mark Bjorlie, I fellowship at Carriage Hill Bible Chapel.

I think my assembly is really good at emulating the original vision of the ‘Brethren Movement’ and seeks to fellowship with all believers under Christ.

I’m Ewduar  and I’m in fellowship at the Prado and Girasoles assemblies in Colombia.

Oh the singing! I love the spirit- lead singing time during worship at my Prado assembly. Actually I’m also involved in the Girasoles assembly where I’ve been teaching. Both assemblies have special communion services. Through my years in the assemblies I have noticed that The Lord’s Supper/communion always was very quiet, solemn and sometimes boring, the singing was slow, the prayers sometimes very long and the interventions from some brothers turnerd into a sermon…. there were times when my eyes were more focused in the watch in the front wall and the coffee during the break. But these assemblies where I fellowship now have very special singing… people who visit our assemblies have noticed this and always talk about this. Our brothers and sisters have freedom to stand up, raise hands if your feel motivated to do that, a big part of the choir members fellowship in our assembly what means you will have 4 voices during the singing and hymns aren’t played so slow.

I’m Deb Bingham, and I fellowship at Westlake Bible Fellowship in Ohio.

Our elders are humble and godly and gentle with the flock. They have learned to be proactive when a problem occurs that could harm the assembly. More recently, as elders have been added, there has been more consecutive teaching. This is good for the health of the assembly, and also proactive in preventing problems, as we studied Corinthians together, addressing common problems in assemblies. The elders and saints are active in ministry in the gospel and discipleship. That tells me that the saints are growing in the Lord. We have have also outreaches as a group effort, including weekly AWANA. I love the spirit of love and hospitality in the assembly.



This is a general post published by the assemblyHUB team. At times we will post articles that we feel will be helpful and encouraging or challenging to our readers. We pray the Lord will use them for His glory.

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